Top 10 Places to Visit in South Africa

south-africaSouth Africa is a great, exciting and beautiful country. It has many exotic places but a must see are the top 10 places in South Africa continent. Coastline is an incredible 2500 km and is home to wildlife, beaches, mountains and more.

Robben Island
Robben Island is located off the South African coast, where Nelson Mandela was held prisoner for eighteen long years.

Garden Route
Garden Route starts at the Mossel Bay, ends at the Storm River. Oudtshoorn and Knysna are the two towns which make excellent stop over. Ten nature reserves, exotic birds, marine life and more can be seen. Outeniqua Choo-Tjoe a steam train is popular here.

Table Mountain
Tourists flock to get to The Table Mountain. You can either trek or take a cable car to get to the top. Monkeys, rock hyrax, mongooses, tortoises, porcupines and snakes are spotted here.

Developed in 1679, it is the second oldest town in South Africa. Wide variety of wine is produced here. It is also called the Cabernet country.

Oudtshoorn is famous for its ostrich ride. Large ostrich eggs richly cooked are offered for breakfast in hotels. Ostrich steaks and sausages are delicious. Cyclists have a great experience winding down Cape Town.

Knsyna is a great place to relax, dine and lunch. The whole town is given a bohemian feel. Knysna Heads appeals lovers of water sport and artists. Wave jumping is an activity greatly enjoyed here.

Durban is popular for surfing on its lovely beaches. It is the third largest in the country. There is a zone that is shark free. Marine World Aquarium, restaurants, Victoria Indian Street Market, shops, temples and mosques are great to see here.

Soweto is an important site. All sections of people reside at this awesome place. The Hector Pieterson Memorial, the old residence of Nelson Mandela is located here.

The Drakensberg Mountains
The Drakensberg Mountains offer great trails, exotic bird and animal life, rafting on white waters, rock climbing and more. The most beautiful part is the Royal Natal National Park. Tugela Falls is truly stunning.

Kruger National Park
This park in South Africa is the oldest in the country since 1898. The big five of wildlife, the rhino, buffalo, lion, elephant and leopard are home to this park. Stay at a campsite; hire a vehicle or a caravan, while touring this place.

If you have not visited the top 10 places in South Africa you have visited nothing. Plan the trip well.



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