Top 10 Places to Visit in Italy

italyOne of the countries that is most visited is Italy. The top 10 places to visit in Italy include mountains, beaches, ruins and fashion hubs.

To see Italy’s capital Rome is the dream of many. A wish can be made at the Trevi Fountain and the Vatican is an obvious choice to all visitors to Italy.

Venice is a great place for families and couples. Glide along the canals in a gondola as people have done for centuries. This place is worth every Euro.

Florence is for foodies, lovers of art and fashionistas. It is home to David and the Renaissance’s birthplace, offering goodies in a wide array. Florence is in Tuscany which is the wine producing center.

Sicily has resulted in eclectic culture having seen domination by foreigners in its long history. It has always been popular for the mafia.

Turin has hosted the Winter Olympics in 2006 and for the Shroud of Turn this is home.  It is close to the Alps with the River Po flowing through it. Beautiful villas dot the area.

Cinque Terra
Simply breathtaking is what you call Cinque Terra which allows exploration of groves of olives in the hills. With a Limoncello shot, you can relax yourself.  Each town is connected with trails.

In the Gulf of Naples is an Italian Island called Capri. Since the time of the Romans it has been a major destination for resorts and is popular amongst the elite. Many tourists visit the island during summers.

Some of the best Renaissance buildings and art and well-preserved medieval hill towns and landscapes of Italy are here in Abruzzo. These lie within the national and regional parks to ensure they are not developed by prospectors.

On the Bay of Naples is located Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast’s gateway. Many visitors come to this place in summer. The sea sport is rich in history and since thousands of years it has been active.

San Gimignano
In Tuscany is located is located this hill town of the medieval ages and a small walled area called San Gimignano. It is well known for its high towers and architecture of the medieval ages.

The top 10 places to visit in Italy are not to be missed at any cost. Once you step into Italy you have actually stepping in time to a world that is three thousand years old at least.



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