Top 10 Places to Visit in Germany

germanyThe top 10 places to visit in Germany are perfect if you are looking for a region enriched with recent past’s remnants. The things that happened in Germany some years ago are a collective blot on humanity’s conscience. But the country and its people have moved on. It is now the most prosperous country in Europe.

Berlin Wall
The Berlin Wall is a place suffused with charged up emotions. This was a powerful symbol of oppression and the remnants that can be seen remind us that freedom wins in the end.

The Roman Legions founded Augsburg named after Augustus St. Anne’s Church a Cathedral is a historical place to see here. The shine of the Renaissance Golden Room can blind you with its brilliance.

The Romantic Road
You couldn’t experience a pleasanter drive than on the Romantic Road. On either side are scenic landscapes.

Dachau can make you take a break from mystical forests and castles heard of only in fairytales. The dark past of Germany looms here in the form of a notorious concentration camp.

The Castles Of Fussen
Several castles are seen all over Germany out of which the Castles of Fussen are very popular.  They look as if they are out of a storybook and a must see for all families.

Neuschwanstein Castle
It is on the Neuschwanstein Castle’s wide parapets, alabaster walls and high towers that Walt Disney’s symbol is based on.

Lake Constance
This lake is great for bird watching, swimming and having a great view of exotic natural sceneries.

The Black Forest
Don’t get deterred by the name The Black Forest. With sturdy and tall firs sprucing up the place, it is a very sunny forest. For picnicking and hiking purposes, this is a great place to go to.

This is a festival held in Bavaria to celebrate beer and life in general. It’s not any old beer that is at the center of this festival but only the ones brewed in the Munich area. Let your hair down and have a blast. You will have company!

This town has a fragrance it has of its own. This fragrance certainly pleases the nose. Beautiful views of the Cologne Cathedral and the River Rhine can be seen here.

Germany’s past is such that can never be forgotten ever. Germany has some great top 10 places to visit in Germany.



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