Top 10 Places to Visit in China

china-wallThe top 10 places to visit in China get more tourists than any other.


Changan is in China’s north-west.  Forest of Stone Steles Museum, Terra-cotta Army, Big Goose Pagoda, Banpo Museum, City Wall, Shaanxi Provincial Museum, etc. are important sites.


China’s capital is Beijing, the heart of the country’s international intercourse, politics and culture. For the Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qin dynasty it was once used as the capital. Forbidden City, Beihai Park, Temple of Heaven, Yashow Market, the Tiananmen Square and the Great Wall are important places to visit here.


On the Li River’s bank lies Guilin. It is popular for its caves, green hills, crystal clear waters, rockeries and different shaped stones. Longji Terraced Field in Longsheng, The Reed Flute Cave are all worth visiting.

Yangtze River

Yangtze River cruises are great choices for romantic travellers. Important sites and places to see are the Fengdu, Three Gorges Dam, Baoshizha, Wanxian.


Shanghai faces the East China Sea and is a fast growing city. Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport are its two airports. Shanghai Huangpu River, Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple, are great places to visit.

Lhasa Tibet

Come to this ‘The Roof of the World’ called Lhasa Tibet also called the land of gods to enjoy and experience the exotic customs, snow covered mountains and religions shrouded in mystery. Jokhang Temple, Potala Palace, Shigatse, Drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery are a must visit.

Lijiang Yunnan

Lijiang Yunnan is an ancient town listed as World’s Cultural Heritage by UNESCO and located in South China’s Yunnan Province. Tiger Leaping Gorge and the Yulong Snow Mountain are great places to see.

Zhangjiajie Hunan

Zhangjiajie City is located in Hunan Province’s west mountainous region. Wulingyuan area listed by UNESCO as World Heritage, Suoxi Valley Nature Reserve and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park are the places to visit.

Jiuzhaigou Sichuan

Named after five villages in Tibet it is in the Qiang Autonomous Prefecture and Aba Tibetan area.  Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area, Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, Giant Buddha of Leshan and Qingchengshan & Dujiangyan Irrigation System are important sites to visit.

Silk Road in China

With a 2000 year old history, the old silk-road starts from Chang’an and extends to Italy in Rome. It also connects Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Sea bank. Important sites to visit are Hotan, Lanzhou, Kashgar (Kashi), Jiayuguan Pass, etc.

The top 10 places to visit in China are all so different.



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