Top 10 Places to Visit in Canada

canadaCanada is a magnificent tourist destination. Its greatest attraction could be the natural beauty bestowed on it. Look at the top 10 places to visit in Canada.

For tourists who are looking for relaxation and an enjoyable day at the beach, Prince Edward Island fits the bill with its green meadows and red-hued mountains.

Visiting the capital, Ottawa could be a Canadian cultural experience for the traveler. Watch the changing of the guard on Parliament Hill or the RCMP march. Bike trails offer opportunities for the fit. For sailors, there is Rideau Canal connecting the Ottawa River to the Great Lakes.

Canadian vacationers throng Kelowna, British Columbia. You can experience fine weather in the Okanagan river-valley right in the centre of the Canadian Rockies. This is the place for golfers.

Would you like to sight a Polar Bear? If so, Churchill, Manitoba is the right place being the Polar Bar capital of the world. This is a little town on the coast of the Hudson Bay. It is also the Beluga Whale capital of the World and the best location to see the fascinating natural wonder of Aurora Borealis (Northern-Lights).

At Vancouver, British Columbia, there are a lot of outdoor attractions like whale-watching along the coast and skiing at Whistler.

The major chunk of the Niagara Falls, Ontario is on the U.S. side. If you are on the Canadian side, you can freely move to the other side by crossing a pedestrian bridge without any harassment from the border police.

Visiting Quebec City, Quebec is like going to France North America. It has a rich culture which is totally different from the rest in Canada.

It is a pleasure just walking around in Montreal, Quebec, with everything at a walking distance like French boutiques, fine eating houses, ancient buildings and modern high-rises.

This city is good but may be congested; therefore, it would be ideal to visit Banff, Alberta during the off season when the natural beauty of this location will be best enjoyed. At all times of the year, you can see bears, elks, deer and mountain goats.

Lake Louise, Alberta originates deep in the Canadian Rockies from a glacier that is thousands of years old. You should choose from the host of camp-grounds. This makes your visit to Lake Louise pleasurable and inexpensive.

These top 10 places to visit in Canada will provide unique and out-of-the-world experience without any parallel because they have a good mix of everything, most importantly nature.



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