Top 10 Places to Visit in Australia

Extensive denudation of the forest for commercial purposes in Australia has resulted in the disappearance of many species of wildlife. Every effort is taken by the preservation authorities to rejuvenate the ecological conditions.


Great Barrier Reef:

Situated across the Queensland shores, it is the sanctuary to many of the protected species of animals like Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin, Olive Ridley Turtle and Salt Water Crocodiles.

Sydney Harbor:

It forms the ideal background for the amazing Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. At the opera, the performing artistes are drawn from local and overseas locations.


Its untouched natural beauty is the highlight of this island. A lot of sport and cultural events take place; the food fiesta is a huge draw. Cheese and dairy products are very much savored by the tourists.

Kimberley, Western Australia:

It is well-known for its diamonds. You will be spellbound by the rough landscape here. The remarkable cruise unfolds breathtaking sights of waterfalls, red cliffs and a rain forest.

Snowy Mountains:

Amongst these ranges, is the Mount Kosciuszko where you can go around on foot or skis during winter. You could see Alpine flowers blossoming in this tall mountain if you happen to be there at the appropriate season.


Your visit to Australia is incomplete without going to Melbourne for shopping smart garments and leather accessories in the Chapel Street or Greville Street.

Lovely Grape-growing Valley Of Barossa:

It is a renowned wine-producing valley, situated within fifty kilometers northeast of Adelaide. It is popular for culinary delights, wine and European architecture which is the contribution of English immigrants and European farmers.


White Sunday islands are a paradise on earth. It can be reached from Airlie Beach.

Uluru (or Ayers Rock):

It is one of the wonders of nature in the backdrop of the Australian desert. It is a gargantuan sand stone formation, three hundred and forty eight meters tall with a boundary measuring nine kilometers. It displays color changes as day progresses, from brown to deep red.

Great Ocean Road:

It is a two hundred and fifty kilometer drive located along the southern coastline of Australia and one of the best driving promenades in the world. Built in 1930 for the warriors who laid their lives during World War I, it starts at Trecky surf resort passing through magnificent gorges and pristine beaches.

Australia offers all the trappings of nature, unique flora and fauna, natural resources, vibrant people and a concoction of a culture that blends well with the old and new.



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