Top 10 piano brands for beginners

Piano is one of the most popular musical keyboard instruments of the world. They are not portable and are quite expensive, still pianos are world’s most familiar musical instruments. However, choosing a brand for beginners can be a bit difficult. The best choice for a piano should be of good sound quality, proper size and affordable price. Although a piano costs more than other instruments but it is worth it. It has a lifespan of around 40 years. There are two types of pianos: vertical and horizontal. Vertical includes spinet, console, studio and upright. Horizontal pianos are called grand pianos. Here is a list of ten most popular brands for beginners.

1. Steinway and Sons: It is a famous brand since 1853. It is known for its high quality pianos. Steinway also markets two lower quality brands : Boston and Essex.

2. Bosendorfer: An Austrian piano manufacturer, Bosendorfer is a subsidiary owned by Yamaha. It produces high quality, 97- and 98-key models with the standard 88-key model.

3. Kawai: It is the finest name in digital and acoustic piano. Instead of traditional metal and wood, Kawai piano uses carbon fibre action.

4. Mason and Hamlin: This is based in Massachusetts. It was acquired by Burgett Inc. in 1996.  It was started in 1864, and is still famous for pianos.

5. Schimmel: Schimmel piano company has made innovations in the appearance of piano. It uses excellent acoustic material and has produced some of the great elite grand pianos. However, these are quite costly.

6. Stuart & Sons: As compared to others, this brand is pretty recent. It was started in 1990. This company created a grand piano with 14 more keys than the standard piano.

7. Baldwin: Named after the famous music teacher, Dwight Hamilton Baldwin, it produces the most dependable pianos with solid construction.

8. Fazioli: It offers six models of grand pianos. F308 is the longest piano available. It is an Italy-based company and manufactures 110 pianos a year.

9. Petrof: It was established in 1864 and is in Czech Republic.

10. Bohemia Piano: It was established in 1871 and is known for its modern design and balanced sound level.

Digital pianos are also available. As compared to acoustic pianos, these are less expensive. They are also small in size. Famous brands in digital pianos are: Yamaha digital pianos, Kawai digital pianos, Roland digital pianos, Classenti digital pianos, and Casio digital pianos.

When you go for buying a piano, look for style of piano cabinet, type of wood used, and colour. Unlike other instruments, you will have to test the sound quality here. Whatever suits you best and is within your pocket, go for it!

Note: The information is collected through secondary research



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