Top 10 News of India, 2011

2011 had been an exciting and thrilling year with lot of happenings all around the world. Lots of bad and good news boggled our minds in these months. Some of the top stories that had hit the newspaper headlines and had grabbed the attention of all the news channels are:

1) The kind of support that Anna Hazare received during his fast unto death movement against corruption, undoubtedly made the biggest news for the nation. Anna Hazare’s demand for Lokpal Bill in order to erase corruption turned into a large scaleAnti-Corruption Movement all across the country and instigated every citizen of the nation. People were out on the streets rallying in support of Anna Hazare and protesting against the government for not passing the Lokpal Bill. Anna Hazare bought about a revolution in our country. He is again planning to fight against the government as standing committee once again ignored some of the important points that had been proposed in the Lokpal Bill by him.

2) Another big news that grabbed a lot of attention of the nation, rather I should say Bengalis is – MamtaBannerjee, popularly known as ‘Didi’ was elected as the chief minister of West Bengal after ripping to pieces, 34 years of communist rule in her home state West Bengal. All the people in West Bengal were overjoyed with her victory in State Assembly Elections this year.

3) The news that bought tears of happiness in the eyes of every single Indian is none other than that of India winning the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup after 28 years on 2nd April 2011. Indian cricket team was declared as the ‘World Champion’.

4)2G Scam seized a lot of attention as Former Telecom Minister A Raja was sent to Tihar Jail in Delhi on 17th February 2011.He caused a national loss of Rs. 1.76 lakh crores by selling away the 2G spectrum phone licenses in 2008 at very low rates. PM announced setting up of JPC (Joint Parliamentary Committee) to investigate 2G spectrum scam.

5) The death of spiritual leader ‘SatayaSai Baba’ on 24 April 2011 stirred the entire nation with shock and disappointment. He was one of the most famous and trusted religious leaders of the world. Hundreds of thousands of his followers and believers attended his funeral.

6) Telangana movement in Andhra Pradesh caused a lot of havoc this year by going on mass strikes. Their activities and movements adversely affected the whole state. Telengana movement started with an aim to demand a separate state for telangana people as they were not satisfied with the terms and agreements put forward by Andhra Leaders.

7) Finally on February 22nd the court in Ahmedabad gave verdict on Godhra train blaze case. The court convicted 31 people and acquitted 63 including MaulviUmaji who was the chief accused person.

8) Death of some great personalities was reported this year. The whole nation mourned at the loss of famous actor and director ShammiKapoorand also at the loss of India’s Picasso- ‘M F Hussain’.

9) Around 17 people were found dead and more than one hundred got injured, on 13 July 2011 as Bombay was hit with 3 blasts in one of the most crowded areas.

10) One of the most crucial matters that we must look into is Census 2011 that reported lowest sex ratio since our Independence. For every 1000 male children, there are 914 girls, which is matter of great apprehension.




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