Top 10 Movies You Must See Before You Die

Entertainment is metaphorically a sweet caramel cup, enveloping the “kid” in all of us. But, nobody knows the time of their fate. Oh no, this is not to inject a fear in your mind. The sole purpose is to “live” this “kid” in us before it’s too late. So, swimming in the uncountable movies featured till date, let us acknowledge ourselves with the top ten movies one must watch before dying.
Here we go,

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey
This sci-fi epic films a row of encounters that seem to affect the human fate along with a special journey to Jupiter. Talking about variant concepts, the movie smoothly catches pace approaching surrealism and subsequently grabbing your attention.

2. Apocalypse Now
The movie characterised by a warfare theme, tracing back the time of Vietnam War, it will have your eyes glued by virtue of the outstanding screenplay and editing that has captured so much of fan-following.

3. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
This Italian epic has an engrossing plot. The story circles around a gunslingers’ trio who are competing in quest of a treasure amidst the deeply buried gold. Indeed a suspense thriller that is sure to leave an adrenaline rush behind.

4. Pulp Fiction
Stupendously infused with wits, courtesy the perfect ironical combination of laughter and criminal violence, Pulp Fiction is one of those movies which movie freaks will regret missing.

5. Psycho
This American suspense cum horror film is directed by one of the legendary directors of his times, Alfred Hitchcock. Initially, not a very positive response was achieved but, it wasn’t very late that a re-review was prompted.

6. Casablanca
Casablanca is a romantic drama, set during World War II where the protagonist is strangled between two pathways namely love and virtue. It was undoubtedly an out of the ordinary stories and therefore, obviously a must watch.

7. Vertigo
Again a wonderful movie in the worthy direction of Alfred Hitchcock, Vertigo is a psychological thriller with the story revolving around a retired police detective but has been hired on a personal level. No breaking of suspense!

8. Shattered Glass
Even non-media professionals are going to enjoy this drama till the very last minute. The story has been woven in a unique net that traps you in its thrill and you are forced to call for more…Enjoy the exhilarating journey of Stephen Glass at The New Republic.

9. The Taxi Driver
The Taxi Driver, the 1976 American drama, is based in New York City post the Vietnam War. When a movie is nominated for four Academy Awards, inclusive of the Best Film Award, would you still want to miss it?

10. Modern Times
For one of the most laughter filled series, Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times is a big time hit among his fans. In his iconic character, a great food of thought is provided on the concern of modern industrialisation in this amazing film.

So, what are you still thinking? No more boggling of minds required! Just grab hold of these movies from anywhere possible; because you would seriously regret if you miss on any one of these. Get started!!!




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