Top 10 Mistakes in Kitchen Design

Everyone loves to have a beautiful house. Women, specially take a lot of efforts to keep the kitchen of the house tidy and welcoming. Many women in recent times are seeking professional help to improvise their respective kitchens. However, while designing a kitchen, there are certain things that must be avoided. Let us find out about the typical mistakes that are committed while designing a kitchen.


1.       Wrong Layouts.

Any kitchen, big or small, is at its best when it has a proper layout. An appropriate layout is a must for effective kitchen arrangement. Most of the people fail to plan a proper kitchen layout. This is the root cause of further mistakes in kitchen designing. It makes the kitchen confined and congested. In order to avoid this, experts recommend the ‘L-Shaped’ and the ‘U-Shaped’ layouts.

2.       Wrong Placement of Sink.

Sinks are needed to be placed near the plumbing. But many times, people commit the mistake of installing their sinks right above the plumbing. To avoid this mistake, hiring a plumber is the solution. A plumber can help you install the sink at the proper place.

3.       Lack of Storage Space in the Lower Cabinets.

One should carefully look after the storage shelves in the lower cabinets. Many times, the homeowner keeps on looking for storage spaces all over the kitchen. It only makes the kitchen blogged. In order to avoid so, one must try to create storage shelves in the lower cabinets. This acts as a space-saver.

4.       Lack of Space for the Refrigerator.

Refrigerator is one of the most important appliances of the kitchen. Every kitchen has a refrigerator. However, many times, we often try to accommodate our refrigerator in a very small space. Doing so may often create technical problems for the refrigerator. Hence, it should be given enough area. Also, one must see to it that the cabinets above the refrigerator do not hang too low. They are likely to create problem for the refrigerator top.

5.       Incorrect Flooring.

Inappropriate flooring of the kitchen can create small problems in your kitchen. One should see to it that the floor is not too slippery. Kitchen floors should preferably be tiled white. They are well suited for the kitchen area, and are easy to clean. 

6.       Lighting.

The 3 types of lighting are- task lighting, accent lighting and general lighting for overall illumination. Task lighting is the lighting that is used to increase the luminance of a specific area. People often go for general lighting in the kitchen, but expects recommend task lighting, as it helps in creating focus on a particular area (shelf, cabinet, etc).

7.       Lack of ventilation.

Lack of ventilation only adds to the foul smell in the kitchen. In order to avoid this, a good ventilation system should be installed in the kitchen. Ventilation helps the kitchen be a cleaner place, as the dirty air is discharged. Good ventilation also helps in improving the quality of the indoor air, and adding durability to the kitchen appliances.

8.       Lack of a Dust-Bin.

Effective trash management is a ‘must have’ for every kitchen. Often, many homeowners fail to place a garbage bin in the kitchen, which results in the choking of plumbing and the sink area. To avoid this, a small dust bin should always be placed in the kitchen, preferably under the sink. The dust bin must be covered with a lid.

9.       Following trends.

Sometimes, blindly following the ongoing kitchen trends may be a mistake. Not every trend can suit your kitchen. The designs may differ as per the kitchen. Following the trends blindly may also lead to financial losses. In such cases, one must have advance planning. Sticking to the initial plans is very important.

10.   Lack of Organization.

A kitchen is often disorganized. The homeowner must organize every kitchen item strategically- cabinets, crockery, appliances, garbage bin, etc.

Avoiding these mistakes will help you have a better, functional and a pleasant kitchen.



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