Top 10 Metal Songs of All Time

People believe metal songs to be one of the most popular genres of music in today’s world. It is that genre with high beats and extremely powerful music.  This genre is how popular terms like ‘headbanging’ have come into existence. Right from rolling to a party to a sole mood just to relax your mind, metal songs has become a huge rage among teens today. Here are some songs which have made a place in people’s hearts in this tough battle of Metal.

1. MASTER PUPPET (METALLICA): This song is said to have the perfect combination of rhythmic factors, as the great rhythm guitar of hetfield, perfect solo by hammet, wonderful bass performance of burton and the overwhelmingly drum play of Ulrich go on to make magic with its hard core drumming, classic riffs, amazing solo and super bass.

2. HALLOWED BE THY NAME (IRON MAIDEN): The tune of this song never gets old. It rocks every time you hear it, or in fact the first time you hear it. Everything in this song fits together. Every instrument has its own special place and importance in this song.

3. ART OF LIFE (X JAPAN): This song is known to be one true masterpiece. Every tune being perfect in this song, the lyrics are equally amazing, strong and powerful to listen to. They have a deep impact along with its purely amazing music.

4. CHOP SUEY (SYSTEM OF A DOWN): This is one energetic and heavy song which would leave you wanting for more. This song has everything, right from a melodic voice to a heavy guitar playing. This song becomes all the more special as it is the only song from the 20th century to still get counted in one of the top metal songs of all time.

5. HOLY WARS (MEGADETH): The composition of this song is an example of a pure genius. This song made a place in everyone’s heart and mind through its unbeatable start, end and just the perfect tunes in the solos.  It is a masterpiece due to great lyrics and superb riffs.

6. FADE TO BLAC K(METALLICA): Yet another superbly created song by Metallica, this song has a very slow beginning and soon very effectively increases its volume and tempo to create a rifle in the listener’s mind. The intro and outro of this song is mind blowing and with its exquisite drum rolls, solos and vocals, this song cannot be described in words.

7. BEAST AND THE HARLOT (AVENGED  SEVENFOLD):  Avenged Sevenfold being a truly incredible band introduced this song which evoked a lot of emotion through hitting a metal string fast. They are believed to make better metal and hard rock songs with Beast and the Harlot considered one of their best compositions with the vocals, drums and guitar knit in this song really well.

8.  ONE (METALLICA): Metallica just doesn’t seem to get off the countdown of the top ten with its yet another popular metal piece, One.  Having the perfect balance of heavy guitaring, drumming and vocals, this song does not only capture your heart at the first go but it also invokes the real meaning behind the song. One is known to be one of the greatest compositions of Metallica.

9. PAINKILLER (JUDAS PRIEST): This song is meant to send the shivers down your spine. Regarded as one of the masterpieces in the heavy metal genre, with its excellent composition and lyrics, this song has those screams, solos and riffs, making it one of the most energizing metal pieces you’d have ever heard.

10. ENTER SANDMAN (METALLICA): One of the classic metal songs of all time, it has an excellent metal use with amazing and one of the best ever guitar riffs. This one song could make a metal lover go wild every time he listens to it.




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