Top 10 Men Magazines since 5 Years

Nowadays, the markets are flooded with hoards of magazines that target the male section of the society. Variety of magazines offer information on various men related things; be it be lifestyle, health or fashion. Thus, with the growing popularity, we now have both magazines that are available both online as well as in a hard copy version. It is surprising to see how conscious men have become over the past 5 years that the fashion magazine has the highest demand. Followed by the fashion magazine, we have the fitness magazine which is the second most read and the other genres. Here, are the list magazines for men that have been ruling the market for the last 5 years.


  • Complex – Started in the year 2002, it is till date considered as the “The Original Buyer’s Guide for Men”, as it emulates a shopping guide for men. It was started by Marc Ecko and Hugh McFall. The unique feature of this magazine is that every issue focuses on a new male and female model on either side of the cover page. The magazine mainly stresses on niche concepts like hip hop culture, street wear culture and graphic art. The target audience of this magazine are the college aged boys to men in their early 30s. The publication issues 6 issues in a year.
  • Esquire – It was the oldest magazine to be started for men. It was founded in the year 1932 and wrecked havoc during the great depression in US. The editor of the magazine was Arnold Gingrich. The magazine gained immense popularity after 1997, with David Granger becoming the editor in chief. This magazine encourages young writers world-wide to contribute their writings. But the writers have always been males. So it is considered as a male magazine. The jokes that have been written in the magazine that target only the male audience. In the year 2009, the magazine started its own blog on the internet. It was called the Daily Endorsement blog. The magazine is also famous for its “Dubious Achievement Award”; it featured gags for events of the previous year. Unfortunately, the award was stopped in the year 2008. Following this came the annual feature for the “Sexiest Woman Alive”, whereby the men nominated celebrities whose parts they loved the most. Rihanna won the award in 2011. The magazine has 12 issues in a year.
  • Maxim – It is a UK based magazine famous for its pictorial description of celebrity models, actresses and singers scantily dressed, but never dully nude. It has 2.5 readers all across the world. In the year 1999, the online portal was created for this magazine. The online version not only stresses on general issues, but also “”Girls of Maxim” galleries and the “Joke of the Day”. The magazine has often been criticised for excessive encouragement on alcohol consumption and sexual “objectification” of women.
  • Playboy – Founded in 1953, it is a US based magazine that features nude models, fiction and journals. Notable writers like Arthur C. Clarke, Ian Fleming, and P.G. Wodehouse’s write ups have also been published in this magazine. The magazine also features notable economists, athletes, sportsperson, politicians etc in its issues. The first issue of Playboy had celebrity Marilyn Monroe posing for the cover page.
  • Penthouse – Started in the 1990s, it includes articles on lifestyle and soft core pornographic pictures. The soft core soon evolved in hardcore over the years. The magazine has a lot of controversies associated with it. The magazine also has an online TV.
  • Men’s Fitness – Publishes in 1987, the first issue featured Michael Pare, from the TV soap The Greatest American Hero. It is a widely read magazine all across the world. The cover page often featured famous celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carmen Electra etc. In 2011, there was a huge controversy that stated that the magazine had published flabby versions of the super heroes.
  • Men’s health – It is the world’s largest men’s magazine brand. It covers issues on nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and sexuality. Its online website handles 38 million viewers per month. In the year 2010, the magazine became the first to enter the iPad market. It is also now available in the iPad and iPhone application. It has won plenty of awards including an Ellie under the category of “Personal Service” for the article “I Want My Prostate Back” written by Larry Stains.
  • Men’s Journal – It is an American lifestyle magazine for men. It mainly focuses on outdoors, various environmental issues, health and fitness, style and fashion, and “gear”. The owner of the magazine is Jann Wenner from Wenner Media.
  • GQ – Originally called the Gentleman’s Weekly, its main focus is on fashion, various cultures for men, food, living fitness, sex, music etc. It is the male contemporary for Vogue magazine.
  • Details – Published by Condé Nast Publications, it was mainly devoted to fashion and lifestyle. It also publishes issues on social and political issues.



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