Top 10 Lifestyle Magazines of Last 5 Years

With advances on the brink of every second, the humans of today have developed a broad sense of lifestyle influenced by a variety of factors including the social geography, economic strata and political on goings in the society. This high paced life demands more out of you to progress out of generalization and establish a prominent personality in your surroundings. Here, we list the top 10 lifestyle magazines of last 5 years, which have been instrumental in shaping the global scope of lifestyle.


1.  Vogue

Vogue it the biggest name in the lifestyle magazine industry with monthly publications in around 18 countries. Since its inception, Vogue has been instrumental in defining the societal outlook towards style and fashion where it’s published.


2.  Glamour

Packed with powerful articles on life-love, sex, fashion and beauty, Glamour has won worldwide acclaim for its presentation and style. Apart from articles on these topics, Glamour also features celebrity gossips and rumours!


3.  Men’s Health

Men’s Health is arguably the world’s best men’s magazine with unmatched content on making a man feel and look better. With 44 editions across the world, Men’s Health gives the readers an input on fitness, nutrition, grooming and women, of course.


4.  Allure

With beauty as its central concept Allure offers the most intelligent, stylish and recent takes from the world of fashion to its readers.


5.  W

Published by Conde Nast Publications, W is a major fashion magazine underlining the best in the industry to a number of American households. Photos published over these years in the magazine have often been a subject of controversy mostly because of the kind of content it deals with.


6.  Esquire

Since its inception in the early 1930s, Esquire has come a long way in becoming one of the prime men’s magazines in America. Published by the Hearst Corporation this magazine has a lot in it for health, gadgets, glamour etc. The magazine’s annual feature “Sexiest Woman Alive” is a huge hit among the readers.


7.  Jane

Starting out as Sassy magazine’s follow up, this girly magazine saw its highs between women of ages 18 and 34. Jane Pratt’s brainchild, Jane was published by Fairchild Publications but is out publication today.


8.  Cosmopolitan

Since its transformation from a family magazine to a woman’s magazine, Cosmo has definitely grown more explicit in content. However, these eye-catching cover shots are usually backed with strong cover stories and several articles on sex and relationships, health, self improvement, career etc. Cosmo also features news from the celeb circle.


9.  Wired 

With high support from its online fan base, Wired has developed into a fast moving brand for the latest from the geek world.


10.  Antenna

Antenna has in recent times become one of the top read magazines with extensive input on all kinds of products. From denims to the latest wonder gadgets, Antenna lets you know all about it and where to find it. A much read magazine among the high school youth of America, this magazine has also found a place in the school libraries where students connect easily with the content and presentation of the put ins.





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