Top 10 iPad productivity Apps

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Good Reader:
Good reader is one of the best PDF readers for iPad. With this app you can view all kinds of local files and also download files from any web server. It almost supports all formats ranging PDF, DOC, XLS or XLSX, TXT, PNG, JPEG, etc.

In this app, not only you can read text but you can edit them and create your own text. Good reader is quite user friendly and offers you a simple way to manage your file.

Task Pad HD:
Task Pad HD is an iPad application for the purpose of task management. This user-friendly app has state of art user interface. The user can reach and manage their tasks at any browser. You can synchronize your tasks across any device.

In Task Pad HD you can give different priorities to various tasks. You can also group your tasks either chronologically or categorically.

You can organize your contacts, expenses, inventories, track projects or even plan events using Bento. This app was developed by File Maker. This user friendly app has 25 built in templates that can be simply edited to suite you requirement. This app is priced at $ 4.99.

The main purpose of this Evernote app is to make sure that the user does not forget any tasks or anything at all. This app provides you with clip images, video or audio of everything and puts it to a web server called Evernet Cloud.

You can create text and voice notes and tag your files and documents to make them simply manageable. This app is provided to the users FREE OF COST.

Re Qall:
Re Qall is another task manager app specially made for iPad. In this app you can allocate key words to the task and make it much easier to remember. You can save your tasks either in form of text or audio and you can store it and remember it either by dates, keywords or the location.

Max Journal for iPad:
With max Journal app you can easily turn you iPad into a digital diary. For those who like to write this app is a must. You can also add images to your text and protect you text with a password protection feature. The journals or the texts that you have made in Max Journal for iPad can be seen on windows PC and Mac as text or PDF files. This add costs you $ 2.99 and it is totally worth it.

Team Viewer:
Team viewer is an app which has recently been developed for iPad and iPhone. The main purpose of this app is to access a remote computer having any of the following operating systems; windows, Mac or Linux system.

This app has a vast range of uses and comes in very handy, which has made it a must have iPad application.

Key Note:
Key Note is an iPad app which helps the user to create presentations in a very high quality with astonishing visuals effects. There are many designed themes built in this app, which you can use for your own presentations. Key Note makes your presentation look much more eye catching with its various built in fluid animations. In this app you can also edit and improve your power point presentation. The price tag of key Note is $ 9.99.

Dropbox is an app mainly for sharing your files online with various systems in a secure and simple manner. Dropbox is available on iPad free of cost. The user can view and save images, videos, documents etc. from any location in your Dropbox.

Quick Office Connect for iPad:
This app is mainly for those whose work requires them to work a lot with Excel and Word files. With Quick Office Connect you can have a great file sharing abilities such as; with your PC or Mac, Google Docs, Dropbox, Mobile.Me, and many more.

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