Top 10 indoor games

From ages people have invented various types of indoor games. Apart from amusement, Indoor games bind the members of the family. There are card games, indoor sports, board games, and table top games. Here is a list of ten popular indoor games.

  • Chess: Chess is popular since centuries. A board game, chess involves a lot of patience. You have to be clever and calculate your moves. There are two opponents, each has 16 pieces and there are 64 squares. The ultimate aim is to “checkmate” your opponent’s king. It’s interesting and it won’t let your brain rust!
  • Carrom: Carrom is played on a board and there can be a maximum of four players. There are three coloured coins: black, white and red. Red is the queen. You have to ‘pot’ all your coins before your opponent does. It is also called finger billiards.
  • Tic tac toe: Very common and almost known to everyone, tic tac toe game needs minimal setup. It is a paper pencil game with 2 players. There is a 3*3 grid and each player takes turn for filling X and O. Placing three respective marks in diagonal, horizontal or a vertical line can make you win.
  • Table tennis: Also known as ping pong, in this a lightweight ball is hit by two or four players. A hard table and tennis rackets are required. You have to quick as the play is fast.
  • Foosball: It is also called table football. It is a table top game based on football. A coin toss usually decides the initial service. There are 8 rows of ‘foos men’. Whoever scores the predetermined number of goals, wins the game.
  • Darts: It is throwing game where ‘darts’ are aimed at a dartboard fixed on a wall.
  • Hide and seek: It is a very old game but is still popular. A player, designated as “it”, counts till a pre-decided number while in the meantime other players hide somewhere.  The player “it” finds other players and when are sought, they assume the role of “it”.
  • Card games: There is a pack of 52 cards, four suits: spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts. There are picture cards of jack, king and queen. Different games are played with varying number of players. Bridge, Rummy, 28, are among the popular ones.
  • Table hockey: It is also called rod hockey or board hockey. It is a game of two players and is derived from ice hockey. It is also similar to the concept of air hockey.
  • Scrabble: A 15*15 game board in which two or four players score points by forming meaningful words. The words are formed in a crossword fashion, across and down. The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary has words which can be used in the game.  This game is available in 29 different languages.

In today’s technological world, internet has everything available on it. All these games are available on internet also. In fact, there are countless other games too. Few websites for online games are:  , ,

You can choose any game of your type and have unlimited fun.

Note: the information is collected through secondary research



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