Top 10 image morphing/editing apps for Smartphone

Be it an iphone, blackberry or an android, the download market is always flooded with as many Apps as you have hair on your head. It’s next to impossible to figure out how many or which one out of them is the best and worth downloading. So here’s a handy guide to the top 10 image morphing or editing Apps that are available on your Smartphones. They are not ranked here, but they are definitely the top 10 most used, trusted and popular apps.
Top 10 image morphing/editing apps for Smartphone1).  Snapbucket
It allows you to use the 3 ‘S’ system – Snap, Style and Share. It not only allows you to edit your pictures by filtering, adding effects, frames and vignettes but it also allows you to design your own filter and finally share it with your friends on Social Media.

2). Instagram
Relish quick and easy styling and sharing with free Instagram App download in your iPhone. It is used by over 9 million people all across the world. It gives you the privilege to use its ecstatic features like Sutro, Earlybird, Nashville, 1977 vuntage etc. which are famous custom borders available and can give a new aura to your photos. Linear and Rafical Tilt-shift blur add cherry on the cake.

3). Camera +
This is an ultimate app, which has multiple features which miraculously help you click pictures with better quality. It gives you control over exposure and focus; has multiple shooting modes and facility of flash light, grids, cropand digital zoom. It also helps you manage your clicked pictures by immediately transferring them to pioneering Lightbox where you can edit,delete and add pictures. It comes with a special function to search your photos by any criteria and finally allows you to go social!

4). Face Fudge
Now photo morphing is just a tap away from you with Face Fudge app on your smartphone. You can now change the faces by simply changing features like eyes, mouth or tanning a skin colour or by just blurring.  Edit and make funny photos with Face Fudge, make your friends laugh by sharing it on various social networking sites.

5). Be Funky Photo Editor
Go whacky and make your photos look trendy with Be Funky Photo Editor, an online application. Add 20 high quality special effects, crop, add frames and share funky photos with your friends absolutely free from android market.

6). Camera 360
If you are a photo enthusiastic and love photo editing to make your photographs better, then Camera 360 is all you need. It is one of the most popularapplicationthat gives you a 360 degree approach to editing. It incorporates several features like Tilt shift allowing you to fake selective focus,Color-Shift mode that allows desaturation of all colours except one, Image stabilization mode, filters, funny effects, stickers and scenery frames.

7). Picplz
Have an Android phone and so don’t have Instagram app? Never mind, Picplz available with android smartphone satisfies all your needs that an Instagram does in iPhone. Click new photos with this app or edit the existing ones with quality photo filters, geotag, vintage 70s effect, Hipstamatic effect, B & W effect etc. and share it on social network. It allows you to synchronize your dropbox account with this app, to create an automatic backup of both original and filtered pictures in cloud storage.

8). Photogrid
This app is a must for you if you’re fond of making collage from your snap collection. It also gives you exciting options to edit images with High mode, Wide mode, Multi-mode, Edit Grip, swap, rotate etc.

9). Adobe Photoshop Express
This is a smaller version of Adobe Photoshop for your smartphone with incredible features like crop, straighten, roatate, clip, adjust exposure, sharpen or soften your image, convert it into sketch, tint it, contrast it, desaturate it etc. which can now revolutionize your snaps.

10). Pholeido
Create hilarious pictures with Pholeido that comes with a package full of fun effects, funny texts, strange objects and fine frames. You can twist your friend’s face or add strange objects or frames to it and canhave fun with your friends on social media.




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