Top 10 Games for your Play Station Portable (PSP)

Play Station Portable or PSP is a video game, and as the name suggests is portable. It is great vogue among gamers who are constantly hooked to their PSPs. Due to its popularity; many versions of it came to the market including PSP 4. When searched, we come across multiple games in the market for PSP, but few are able to bag the top 10 category.

  • Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower – Also known as the Vampire Chronicle, was release in July, 2004. The game was nominated in the category of the top 3 fighting games by Gamespot. There is a sequel to this game as well called Vampire Savior 2. The film gives an amazing 2D experience with all characters in anime style. It also has multiple player option. The catch is they game makes the Dracula look more gruesome with the physique of Superman.


  • MLB (Major League Baseball) This game is for all the baseball fans. EA games launched MLB that offers you to set your difficulty at each level. It was also designed for Xbox 360. It is an exciting game for the baseball lovers as it provides you with the feel of an actual baseball game with its sound quality and video effects.
  • Twisted Metal: Head on Designed by Incognito Entertainment, the game was release by Sony in 2005 for the Play station 2 series. It is still considered to be one of the best games. It has two sequels to it – Twisted Metal III and Twisted Metal 4. Head on also includes minigames which players can get access of via teleporters. Or by various sites on the net that provide minigame playing facility. Critics acclaim it to be a game “what every lunatic would love! Bring the artillery on!”
  • Ridge Racer It is an arcade series developed by Namco. The crux of the game is racing in and around this fictional city called Ridge. The cars used in this game are also fictional that have the look of the real like cars. The cars here have taken the name of different cars that are used in the other NAMCO games. Reiko Nagasse is the mascot for this game. The name was later changed to Rage Racer.
  • Wipeout Pure It is a part of the Wipeout series specially designed for PSP. It uses the Wi-Fi service for Wipeout’s multiplayer games. The game introduces the players to the FX300 racing league. The story goes like this new league is announced 31 years after the sports concept came to an abrupt halt. It is indeed interesting how racing cars are backed by rocket launchers and bazookas.
  • Spider Man 3 Specially designed for PSP by Treyach, it is based on the movie Spider Man 3. The game includes additional characters that were not there in the movie. The game includes two villains Morbius, the Vampire, and Shriek. The spider man in this game can also change to his black suit from the red one and can roam about freely in the city and land on the ground. These features were not there in the previous versions. Critics comment, “Fight with power bosses, wicked policemen, insane scientists all throughout the game and pump your adrenaline to the maximum.”
  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit It is a 2010 Bafta award winning racing game. It set against a fictional city called Seacrest County. The game has been developed by EA. The players can compete in various types of races. There is also an additional game mode called Hot Pursuit, where players can compete online. Players can also download new cars and race events online by paying some money. So “Tune up your gears and buck up to meet the rivals of the underground.”
  • Ape Escape Series The game was developed by Sony Entertainment Limited. It is a Japanese game series. The game is known for its unique game play and ape related humour. It is a light and a fun filled game. The main aim of this game is to use gadget arrows as many as possible and capture monkeys.  Minigames to this game is also available that need to be unlocked as the main game progresses.
  • Lumines 2 It is the sequel to the game Lumines. The sole objective of this game is to move various coloured blocks across the screen such that each line of a block has just one colour. It is a puzzle game.
  • Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 Remix The game is also known as THUG 2 and is loosely based on Viva la Bam. This game is similar to the previous version. The environment created gives the feel of 3D and one has to go about meeting goals. Mostly the goals involve skating in and around different things or performing combos. There are two modes to this game: Classic and Story.




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