Top 10 gadgets for college students

In this e-world, there is a shift in the education technology. Technology has become an integral part in everyone’s life especially college students who are tech-savvy. Some of the gadgets make life simple and less complicated. For college students, ten important gadgets are:

Laptop: Laptops are replacing pens and notebooks in colleges. Now, laptop is a must for students. It helps in maintaining their notes. They can easily transport their work and assignments. Also, gone are the days when the teachers taught on a blackboard. It’s an era of e-world and blackboards are replaced by Power Point Presentations in classrooms. Lectures available on internet too help students in understanding subjects in a better way. One may argue that all the features of a laptop are available in smart phones but for thesis and lengthy assignments, laptops are easier to work with.

Cell Phone: Cell phones especially smart phones which have browsing capability along with other apps are an essential requirement in college. The iphone and Android phones are quite popular. These help students stay connected and also they can satiate their curiosity by quickly looking up anything on the internet in their cell phones.

Camera: Capturing some of the best moments of one’s college life is a favourite task for many. Be it roommate’s birthday bash or convocation day, all is incomplete without few nice clicks. Also, there are several college tours where a camera is required to capture memories as well as information. There are various brands available in market. Digital cameras of Canon and Nikon are popular.

Portable hard drive: There is humungous amount of data in a college student’s laptop. These include notes, assignments, videos, photographs, movies etc. Transporting them through an external hard drive makes the work simple. An assignment to be presented in a classroom can be stored in the hard drive and shown using the computer available in the classroom. Your system can go corrupt at anytime, a portable hard drive also helps in saving the data as a backup.

Smart Pen: There are some lectures which the students want to listen again and again. By smart pens, they can record those lectures. There is a built-in microphone in this device. Once the recording is done, it can be connected to the laptop or a computer through USB connector. So, the important lectures can be recorded and heard as many times as you want. It works as a pen too.

Hot plate: Food is the basic need for our survival. So, students living in hostels would definitely need this. While studying late in the nights, hot plate can be used to make food. It is portable and can be used to make light meal.

ipod: We all know that music releases stress. With an ipod, students can turn out everything from their hectic schedule and relax for some time. They just need to store in their favourite songs and plug in ear phones.

E-book reader: Many books in college are too expensive but are available online. An e-book reader helps save money and there is plethora of books available on one subject. This helps students understand the subjects better.  Kindle Fire, Sony Reader touch edition are among the best e-book readers.

Printer: There are several assignments and notes which have to be printed. Instead of rushing to the market every time, having a printer in the room would save a lot of time. You might want to print your friends’ photographs too.

Alarm Clock: It’s too easy to put the alarm on snooze in cell phones. To reach college on time, you need a good alarm clock that can stir you up from your slumber. If you are difficult to be woken up, try a Sonic Bomb Alarm with a bed shaker. It will definitely wake your roommates too.

Note: the information is collected through secondary research.



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