Top 10 costliest cities of India.

India’s economy is growing at a rapid fast rate, which has led to the rise in the income level of all the classes. The cost of living is increasing everyday. Let us take a look at the ten most expensive cities in India.


1.       Delhi.

The national capital is the costliest city in India. It is the 8th most populous city of the world. It is the second largest commercial sector of the country, and also is a major residential hotspot. The per capita income of Delhi has increased by 16% in 2012. Majority of the country’s top colleges and educational institutes are located in Delhi.

2.       Mumbai.

Mumbai is the state capital of Maharashtra, and the most populous city of India. Mumbai attracts a number of opportunity seekers everyday. It holds credit for being the city with highest GDP. The film industry of India, Bollywood, is located in Mumbai. This city is the fastest growing metropolis of India.

3.       Bangalore.

Bangalore, also known as the ‘Silicon City’, is the state capital of Karnataka. It boasts of being India’s first IT hub. This city also holds a credit for attracting the maximum number of students across the country.

4.       Chennai.

Chennai is the fourth most populous and most expensive city of India. It is the state capital of Tamil Nadu. This city has the maximum number of automobile manufacturing industries. A majority of medical and engineering colleges are located in Chennai.

5.       Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is also known as the ‘City of Pearls’. This city boasts for having 13 universities, and is a major education hub. Due to spots like Ramoji Film City, Snow World, Salarjung Museum, etc., Hyderabad attracts a number of tourists across the country every year.

6.       Pune.

Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra, and is also the state’s cultural capital. Popularly known as the ‘Oxford of the East’, Pune holds credit for a number education institutes.

7.       Kolkata.

Kolkata is the state capital of West Bengal, and the cultural capital of India. This city has the highest number of heritage buildings. Reputed companies like Bata India, ITC Limited, Birla Corporation have their headquarters located in Kolkata.

8.       Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad holds the credit for being the largest city in the country. It is the state capital of Gujarat. Ahmedabad carries out the export of jewellery industry, and cloth industry on a large scale.

9.       Chandigarh.

Chandigarh is India’s first post-independence planned city. It is a Union Territory, and the capital of two states- Punjab and Haryana. Chandigarh is said to be the richest city of the country.

10.   Jaipur.

Jaipur is the state capital of Rajasthan. It is popular for the royalty of the Rajputs. It is one of the favourite tourist destinations in the country, and is also known as the ‘Pink City’.

These are the 10 most expensive cities of India. Apart from their respective specialities, these cities hold credit for their educational institutes, commercial and residential spaces, infrastructural developments, and other such assets.



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