Top 10 Communities in Facebook

Do you remember how many pages you have liked on Facebook till now?


We will tell you the pages that have made their way to the top 10 in the list of highest followers on facebook!


10. Michael Jackson 


“Billy Jean is not my lover”, effortlessly flows out of the mouth in rhythm. We love MJ, we will always love him. With around 51 million fans on Facebook, the king of pop, Michael Jackson grabs the 10th position in the list. He didn’t leave us; he stood undying in our playlists.

9. Lady Gaga


Nobody can be born like “Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta” aka Lady Gaga who rocked the world with her high powered songs and extravagant, peculiar fashion statements. With 53 million likes Lady Gaga stands at number 9. So if you got hit with a “Bad Romance”, don’t worry, wipe that “Poker face” and “Just dance”. Gaga O la la la.

8. Shakira


We know her hips never lie, “Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll”, mononymously known as Shakira stands at number 8 with 54 million likes. Her strong vocal ability and the seductive belly dancing let us fall in love with her. Not to forget Piqué is there! Waka Waka.

7. The Simpsons


A dysfunctional happy family representing the parodies of American culture, society and life, The Simpsons is the longest running American Sitcom and everyone’s food for laughter. With 55 million likes, The Simpsons stands at number 7. So Mr. Matt Groening (creator), when this family will grow old?

6. Rihanna


She will love when you lie. The Barbadian recording artist Robyn Rihanna Fenty aka Rihanna stands at number 6 with 60 million likes. The Sexiest women on earth, who has been greatly influenced by Bob Marley and Madonna, Rihanna’s music beats inside even after switching off the music player. Thanks’ to Rihanna, good girls gone bad.

5. Eminem


Tears come naturally when played the “Mockingbird”. Overcoming all the musicians, Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka Eminem stands at number 5 with more than 60 million likes. A brilliant example of ashes to glory, Eminem always inspired us with his furious hip hops. Eminem, we are not afraid to take a step because we know we have your hand.

4. YouTube


A video sharing website created by three PayPal employees has now become the second biggest online property. YouTube is a subsidiary of Google and has partnerships with biggest media corporations like CBS, BBC and VEVO. With 62 million likes, it continues to keep our entertainment level in the cloud by enabling us to watch anything we want (except XXX). On number 4, how about “Charlie bit my finger” once again.

3. Texas HoldEm Poker


With 64 million staggering likes, Texas HoleEm Poker on number 3 continued our addiction of playing cards and gambling and it seems it’s not going any down in the list, that’s a Deal!

2. Facebook


There is no need to say anything about Facebook, with 71 million likes, it stands at number 2. It is surprising that it is not at number 1. Just wait, number 1 is a revolution and will shake the world.


1.      Facebook for every phone 


It started in 2011; Facebook announced that it would make Facebook work on every phone on the earth and not just smart phones. A strategy Facebook has planned to increase its global market diffusion. The time is near when we’ll be able to see Facebook in every mobile in the world. In just a year, the page got 130 million (50 million more than no.2) likes and tops the list.

On behalf of one billion active users, we love you Facebook.






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