Top 10 Coffee Shops in Pune

Delicious, hand crafted beverages and great food along with are a secret to

It’s true. The perfect cup of coffee and a wholesome, delicious snack can make your day. So we make sure everything you choose is of the finest quality. Because really, isn’t that how life should be? SCROLL down this list and indulge in some rich tasting coffee in town.

 1. Hard rock café

HRCis one of the best cafes in Pune. When you enter, the ambience will make you feel that you have come to right place. The service is very brilliant; waiters are well mannered and have good knowledge of cuisine. If you have a taste of rock music then you should totally come and witness all the action obviously with a steaming cup of coffee. The ambience created in Hard rock makes this café top this list.

2. mocha: coffees and conversations.

As the tagline suggests, this place is indeed about coffee in fact great rich coffees and blends. The seating arrangement makes mocha a great hangout place and is extremely popular for the college goers. Situated in every possible hook and nook of the city, mocha does make its impression everlasting!

3. Coffee house- Camp area

The most popular place in Camp is the Coffee house, known for its reasonable rates; coffee house is one of the oldest in the city! Its fish pickle (which is vegetarian apparently) is really famous. Also known for it’s cutting chai, coffee house is a must place visit.

4. Coffee Jar:

The cafe’s passion for coffee is easily experienced in the rich coffee of Coffee Jar. The “tandakcinos”, a Coffee Jar invention is mouth watering, as well as the gorgeous desserts.

 5. Gloria Jean’s coffee

This brand of world-renowned coffee finally comes to Pune. Gloria Jean’s serves some of the richest coffees in the city, in a wide variety of flavors. Its caramel blend ice shake is the best in the city!

6. Sweet Chariot Cafe:

The SCC is renowned for its yummy cakes, specially its fresh cream cakes and fancy design cakes and its reasonable prices.

 7. The Chocolate Room:

Every chocolate lover’s fantasy. From just a little piece of chocolate to an entire mini Chocó mansion, The Chocolate Room caters to every whim and fancy of the Chocolate-lover.

8. Cafes 1730 – Beans &Booze:

It is a gorgeous European-themed cafe, which serves coffee as well as booze. It serves scrumptious continental food and has great ambience.

9. Bliss Bakery Cafe:

This bakery/cafe offers some of the most fresh and delicious bakery products in the city. It has a couple of other outlets.

10. The Coffee bean and teal leaf

A cup of hot, steaming hazelnut espresso and a book, THAT’S ALL YOU WANT. IT takes you into another world altogether! Spread across the city of Pune, cbtl has to be visited by every coffee lover!




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