Top 10 Christmas Gifts

Santa Claus is coming to town. But you are still undecided what gifts to buy for your loved ones. Time is short; Christmas is just a week away. You definitely do not want to do shopping the last moment and end up buying normal petty stuff. You want something special for everyone. Things that are of great significance to those loved ones. Still confused? As you peep in through the windows and wonder what is hot and what is not. Try making an inventory for the people you are to gift as well as their choice and interests. That makes your job a lot easier.


  • The Body Shop gift pack – Gift boxes come in various sizes. The content comes in all flavours like Moroccan Rose, Japanese Rose merry, Dreams Unlimited, Strawberry etc. The gift packs contain either a combination of body butter, body mist, perfume or shower gel, body lotion and body butter. The prices vary from Rs. 2495 to Rs. 3495 depending upon the size. Ideal for gifting one’s mother or aunt or mother in law.
  • Espresso Coffee Machine – In the midst of winter’s cold, a warm sip of espresso brings delight to one’s mood. After the whole day’s toilsome work, a warm cup of coffee adds a spring to your bone and rejuvenates you to the core. The price starts from Rs. 4995 (108$ approx). Ideal gift for one’s father or father in law.
  • Foot Massager – The person using it will get to relax and will shower you with blessings. Slowly, as the tired feet rest upon the machine, the vibration starts slowly giving relief to those tired soles. It drives out the pain effectively and works magic with stiff toes. The price of the massager is also reasonable. It costs around Rs. 2000. Ideal gift for grandparents as for they are growing old and need some relaxation at home.
  • Amazon Kindle – it can store up to 3500 e-books and suits the need of both casual and avid readers. It can be read in broad daylight or a wintry morning, as it has 50 % contrast. Ideal gift for niece and nephews who love reading. They don’t have to carry fairy tales in their bags now, for it contains kindle. The price starts at 79$ and the order can be placed in online shipping sites.
  • Perfume – An exotic perfume for the special person, as you hug him/her and feel every essence of the scent you bought for her. Depending on the personality you get to choose between soft and sensuous to fruity to wild. There are plenty of companies to offer you the perfect fragrance. Some famous brand would include Christian Dior, Nina Ricci, Hugo Boss etc. The prices vary from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3500.
  • Clothes – Gifting clothes are an evergreen tradition. So this Christmas gift your special person the t-shirt of his choice, with his favourite person’s quote printed on it or the face. If he happens to be a fan of Che Guevara, plenty of t-shirts are available with his face printed on it. Or if he likes the corporate look, try gifting him a cool shirt with smart stripes. If you are a boy and looking for clothes for your special person, dress is the right option. An elegant dress paired with a cool shrug works magic. Prices vary from shop to shop.
  • Collection of old memories in a scrap book – If this Christmas, you want to do something special for your beloved, go ahead and collect all the memories including old pictures, souvenirs, and other trinkets. All put together in a scrap book. Decorate the exterior with a beautiful cover and tie a ribbon around it.  Wait as he/she slowly opens it and the smile flickers on his/her face.
  • SLR Camera – With the new canon 550D, capture memories with effects of your choice and cherish it forever. For all those photography freaks, this is the best gift they can get. Price of Canon 550D is Rs.40, 000. Ideal gift for brothers, who love photography.
  • DVD Specials – For all those who are a big fan of soaps and serials, and would love a re-run, this is ideal for them. Popular soaps like “How I met your mother”; “Malgudi Days” etc are always a popular pick. Prices vary from soap to serial. Ideal for gifting that one special friend who would love a special re-run on Christmas.
  • LCD Television – Now as movies are shown more frequently on television, it’s time to get the new cinema hall effect as you relax on that couch of yours. With the new Sony BRAVIA coming in various sizes, watching movies becomes much easier. Ideal for gifting parents together.



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