Top 10 Best Gadgets for College goers

With the modern technology advancing at a rate faster than the speed of light, human life is getting easier and easier day by day. It would be very naïve on our part to still stick to traditional ways for doing our work rather than using brand new inventions. College life is the best part of our life and with professors replacing blackboards with projected ppts, it’s time for the students too to replace their notebooks and pens with latest tech gadgets. These gadgets form an indispensable part of our college life. So if it’s not on your ‘Buy List’, then hurry up, get it now and make your college life cooler! So, here’s a list of top 10 must have gadgets for college goers:

Top 10 Best Gadgets for College goers1) Laptops are indeed the most vital of all gadgets because then you don’t have to wait for the computer labs in your collegeto be available for you. You might feel that smartphones have replaced laptops but it gets very tiring and strenuous when you have to write long reports or assignments or use any major software.

2) Nowadays in almost every college, all the important notices, assignments, projects and urgent announcements are delivered via emails to their student’s id. So if you don’t have a smartphone, it becomes very difficult for you to be aware of all the major and minor happenings in the college. Plus we obviously use them for calling, entertainment and other minor internet purposes.

3) Minimum 1TB External Hard Drive is yet another unavoidable gadget that will help you take all the important files &ppts taught in the class into your HD or for transferring any important software. It is also advisable to create a backup of all the data in your laptop, into a HD.

4) ‘All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. So unlike Jack if you want to be a bright and feisty guy then you better carry an ipod with you. To keep yourself stress free, tune in youriPod during breaks and free time and listen to music to refresh and revitalise yourself.

5) It is a very good idea to capture the precious moments of your prodigious college life for your memories. So make sure you always carry a Camera. You never know when some exquisite activity is going to happen in you college.

6) If you have a professor or a college that doesn’t allow you to use laptops and phones during his class then using a digital pen could only solve your problem. Notes written with digital pen can be effortlessly transferred into your laptop or smartphone through USB cable.

7) If your professor speaks at a speed of 600 words per minute or more, then you probably need a Digital Voice Recorder to keep an archive of his notes. It is also useful in a lecture where using laptops is restricted.

8) Digital notepad is just like your pen and notebook. The only distinction is that this pen’s ink, never gets exhausted. So scrape out your old traditional pens and notebooks and buy a new digital notepad.

9) iDapt i1is a miraculous gadget that comes with a dual charger and lets you charge all your tech gadgets with minimum effect on the environment.  So now you can charge all your devices anywhere in the college or in your car with the tip and the USB available in the gadget.

10) E-Readers and Tablets will just make your college pack complete and perfect by offering you the facility to read books in the E-Reader and will also reduce your backpack weight by decreasing the number of books you carry. E-Readers and tablets also offer you innumerable personalized applications and allow you to video-chat, browse web or store data. Most importantly they are affordable!




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