Top 10 Best Bungee Jumping Destinations in the World

Bungee Jumping is a thrilling activity which involves jumping from a tall fixed structure and a long elastic cord. In this activity, the bungee jumper is attached to the elastic cord and to the structure. When he jumps he is secured from falling down on the ground by only inches and he is pulled upwards again as the elastic cord recoils. This can be done from a fixed tall object such as a tower, bridge, cliff or crane. It can also be done from movable objects like a helicopter or a hot air balloon.

Bungee Jumping can be very damaging to health. The most common injury that occurs due to bungee jumping is eyesight damage and upper body injuries due to the abrupt rise when the cord recoils.

There are numerous Bungee Jumping destinations in the world but we have list ten of the biggest and most well-known and best bungee Jumping places in the world.

Here is Top 10 best bungee jumping Destinations in the World: –

1. Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, USA – This Bridge with a view over the Arkansas River is the most popular and all time favorite bungee jumping destinations in the world. With a height of 321 m it is the tallest Bungee Jumping locating in the world.(

2. Macau Tower, China – Located in Macau, China, Macau Tower is another favorite bungee jumping destination with a height of 233m. It is also a good location for sky jumping which is another daring sport like bungee jumping.(

3. Verzasca Dam, Switzerland – Located in Val Verzasca in Switzerland, This is probably the most well-known bungee jumping destination with a height of 220 m which was even featured in James Bond Movie ‘Golden Eye’. In order to be able to jump at Verzasca Dam you will need to go through a medical checkup and your height and weight should be of the right proportion.(

4. Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa – The Bloukrans Bridge with a height of 216 m for bungee jumpers is the perfect place for bungee jumping. It is also very well-known and one of the safest places for bungee jumping due to its latest pendulum bungee technology which gives you the smoothest recoils.(

5. Niouc, Switzerland – As the highest bungee jumping location in Europe, Niouc is also the perfect holiday location. Make sure to try the bungee jumping if you are there.(

6. The Last Resort, Nepal – This is world’s third largest bungee jumping destination in the world as well as the most beautiful one with the view over the Bhote Kosi River, beautiful valleys and the tropical gorge. With the height of 160 m, it is located on the longest suspension bridge in Nepal.(

7. Ponte Colossus, Italy – with the height of 152 m it will take about 5 seconds to fall from the 350 m long bridg in Ponte Colossus in Italy. (

8. Victoria Falls Bridge, Zambia – Located right next to Victoria Falls on the Victoria Falls bridge with a view over the Zambezi River. With a height of 152m it has one of the most beautiful views one can see. You can even feel the sprays of the Waterfalls on you face while falling.(

9. Perrine Bridge, USA – With a height of 148 m, Perrine Bridge is located near Jerome Country in USA. It is one of the favorite destination not only for Bungee jumping but for base jumping as well.(

10.Nevis Highwire Bungy, New Zealand – With a height of 134 m and an incredible view over the Nevis River, this is the most popular bungee jumping destination in New Zealand.(




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