Top 10 Best Advertisements of India

Advertisement is the prime market and source of revenue for business houses, and a great source of knowledge and awareness for the masses. Some advertisements prove to be powerful enough, leaving a mark on the audience, and some fail to make a place. So here are the top 10 advertisements which are crisp, influential and fun and entertaining to watch.


1. Airtel Ad: Initially, Airtel advertisements have always targeted the older audience, though its latest ad with the tagline “Hare k friend zaroori hota hai” has targeted the younger crowd too. It is very distinctive in nature from the other Airtel commercials. This ad being very simple, yet it has been powerful enough to influence audience. Nothing much more could have added to this ad. Also, Airtel’s campaign on “Barriers break when people talk”  beautifully portrays  two children from two different countries crossing the barbed line to play with each other. It is an ad really heart touching, and pretty much true to the tagline.

2. Surf Excel: “Daag Achhe Hai” – with this tagline, Surf Excel has set a strange trend for a leading luxury brand to say that dirt is good, but the audience for sure got the whole concept and message of this simple and cute commercial.

3. Amul: Amul Tropical has clearly been one of the most successful, longest running, and one of the most favorite commercials of all time. Amul’s chubby little  moppet in her classic cute  polka dotted dress and a red and white bow still makes heads  turn, after almost 45 years.  It has made its mark in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest running commercial till date.

4. Vodafone Zoo-Zoo: Vodafone had launched the famous and popular Zoozoo ads during the IPL seasons, and went on to creating a good 25 zoozoo commercials till the IPL Season 3. The bigheaded creatures appear to be animated, but they are actually ballet dancers dressed in white outfits.  They spoke in this really funny and cute language and each zoozoo commercial entertained the audience at large and for a long time.

5. Happy Dent White: this chewing gum ad brought out a lot of creativity than what the usual or standard chewing gum ads would, portraying two people getting attracted to each other featuring the “refreshing breath” or the “white teeth” factor of the gum. Happy Dent came out with this out-of-the-box idea of the Kingdom of lights campaign where Happy Dent White’s smile power Indian city lights. It surely is a very funny yet intelligent concept, and an entertaining one too.

6. Mirinda: These ads which featured Asin as the Mirinda bride are hilarious. It features a prospective groom singing and dancing to impress the girl and her family. Thus, Mirinda’s Bride ad is a perfect example of a classic comedy commercial and favorite of many.

7. Indian Cancer Association: ICA’s campaign against smoking is a must watch. This simple advertisement portrays the ill effect smoking could have on men, as too much smoking leads to impotency in men. This aptly depicted commercial goes with their catchy tagline, “Women feel safe with men who smoke, as it causes impotency”.

8. Pepsi My Can: This commercial was all about setting a style statement. Their main target was the youth and this ad had been very successful in influencing the young generation. It propagated holding the My can in a very unique and stylish manner,  by establish a unique style sense. ‘It’s all about style’, for the Pepsi My Can commercial.

9. Dairy Milk: With its interesting and catchy tagline, “Shubh Aarambh – Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye”, this advertisement portrays simplicity, cuteness, love and togetherness. Either it is a sweet way of flirting with a girl, or a sweet desert which the whole family could enjoy; this commercial has made its place in everyone’s heart. This commercial is simple, yet influential.

10. Center Fresh: With its tagline “Zubaan pe Lagaam”, Center Fresh commercials are followed up by the “Slap Film” of 2008, where it encourages Indians to work more and talk less. They are hilariously comical, thus sticking to the tagline. This commercial has been a great source of entertainment to the Indian audience and is loved by all.



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