Top 10 Airports in the World

Any country you visit, airports have set international standards all across the globe. The class, style, and comfort is what someone searches or seeks when he enters an international airport, waiting to board a flight. Airport is just another form of luxury in certain countries and parts of the world. Here are some of the best airports spread across the globe.

1. Hong Kong International Airport: There are vast number of outlets at the Hong Kong International Airport, providing all passionate passengers who are fashion conscious can probably quench their need for some fashion outlets right here at stores like Adidas, Gucci, Lacoste and many more. To meet one’s dietary needs, the airport is well equipped with wide variety of eateries where one can choose from. Also, one can enjoy the live band performance on every Tuesday and Sunday nights. This airport is surely a mix of luxury and fun, without a doubt.

2. Singapore Changi International Airport: This airport is looked upon by business and corporate travelers due to the vast breadth of services offered at this airport. It consists of six amazing garden which are worth taking a tour of, or even hop around the retail fashion outlet stores like Levi, Gucci and Burberry. Passengers have a plenty of choices for eateries, bars, cafes and restaurants.

3.Incheon International Airport: This airport is filled with shopping outlets, bars, cafes, luxurious restaurants, and provides world class business facilities.  It has many facilities like a golf course, a spa, a museum of Korean culture and indoor gardens. The IAC (Incheon Airport Centre) is the shopping and business recreational area where one would find whatever he needs!

4. Munich International Airport: This airport dwells over 50 restaurants and bars. It has excellent amenities for business travelers as well as families. It has its own aviation-themed cinema which travelers can take a look at. The beauty spa and massage centres allow travelers to refresh themselves while waiting for the flights. Several duty free shops and fashion outlets like La Perla, Bulgari and Hermes provide shopaholics to spend their time with the exclusive fashion boutiques.

5. Beijing Capital International Airport: Keeping its Chinese tradition alive, Chinese tea is served to the travelers to relax and refresh their minds. Also perfect for corporate travelers, they can access internet as and when they like and also charge their electronic gadgets with ease. Passengers can also have a look at the Chinese branded cosmetics, art and designer items.

6. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: The AMS Airport can make a passenger discover an excellent assortment of services and entertainment. With eateries and café and restaurant, best suited to everyone’s tastes and budget, it also has well catered accommodation for delayed passengers or for passengers who have a long wait in between flights. They have an excellent range of outlets which makes this airport worth a stop.

7. Zurich International Airport: It is one of the largest passenger terminals in the world. Having over 70 boarding gates, this airport caters to all the needs and requirements of passengers. There are many convenient facilities for the passengers travelling from this airport. The passengers can make use of the driverless people mover system. It helps people move from one place to another, and thus this airport one of the most accessible airports in the world today despite its size.

8. Auckland International Airport: It is known to be one of the busiest airports in the world. It is often called the Mangere Airport. The reason which makes this airport one f the busiest is that the location is very apt. it had clear power lines and free from fog, making it easier for planes to land and take off. Its construction is built is a luxurious manner, and this airport is actually considered to be one of the strongest pillars for the country’s tourism.

9. Kuala Lampur International Airport:  One of the largest airports of South Asia and one of the modern airports too, it has a streaming line of facilities available for its passengers. Starting from the size of the airport, it has hotels constructed for passengers transiting at the airport. Number of shopping outlets, cafes, bars and restaurants, this airport takes care of all the needs of the passengers providing them with a comfortable boarding service.

10. Copenhagen Airport: A globalised business class airport, it is equally luxurios as it appears to be. It was originally known as the Kastrup airport. Having thousands of passengers everyday, this airport is one of the busiest in the Nordic countries. It is the main hub for the Scandinavian Airlines and has a wide range of fashion outlets and restaurants, spread over a large area. It is considered as one of the oldes international airports of Europe.




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