To Sachin, with Love+Tears


Dear Sachin,

What you have given us, is not cricket
Neither the dinosaur scores nor the 100-100’s
It’s yours, all yours.
But those magical times, when I cried “I want a bat” because of you
When I joined the cricket camp to become like you
When I turned off the television when you got out
When I screamed and angered when you scored 99
And then in next match I loved when you play at 100
When I said oh my…Sachin is the best
When you made us win and again win and again win
For the all 23 years of supreme play and class
When I jumped in joy and burned crackers in midnight
For you and our country’s victory
When I prayed whole-heartedly for you
As it gave me satisfaction and you-well, nothing actually
When you killed those paki bowlers
And I, with a little evil spirited laughed for their loss
When you knocked 200 in 143 and burned SA
Making me (an atheist) believe in god: you
When in all your 18426 ODI runs and total of 34071
There were innumerable smiles, cheers and ecstatic tears
When your littleness became inspiration to many
So they now proudly say, even Sachin is short
When you bowled that weird googly
And forced us to laugh, Sachin balls too
When you held the 2011 WC and cried
We all cried, for your dream fulfilled and ours too
When you made the blue jersey proud
And raise the national flag to the top air
When you reflected modesty and passion
And remain always so sweet
Those magical times, you gave unknowingly
Remains with us in our eyes forever
Sachin, the bat and the ball will miss you
So do me and the entire world
I may not be as crazy as that painted guy
But I love you like every Indian loves you
And I will miss you whenever India will play
You are the greatest. Greatest.

With Love+Tears
One such crazy Sachin fan





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