Tips to Succeed in an Interview

If we have to survive, we have to work. But first we have to get the job we want which doesn’t come easy. There is one big, scary step before getting the job. The interview!

You might have given lots of interviews in your life or maybe the first timer. Here are a few tips which will help you in breaking the interview barrier.

• Looks

We are never defined by our looks. But in interviews we do. A neat and clean look will be a good first impression. Ironed shirts with formal trousers for boys and knee length skirts or any descent ethnic wear for girls would be the best attire to wear in an interview. Boys should keep their face clean shaven and hairs short. Girls should not wear any piece of jewellery and tie the hairs properly. Remember whatever you wear, it should be clean, comfortable and modest.

• Stuffs

Create a checklist of the things you will need in the interview. Extra resumes, certificates, marksheets, pen, paper etc. Keep everything ready in a handy folder.

• Time

This point is not just about interviews, wherever you have to reach, be on time. Reaching before time will give you some extra space to relax before the interview, resulting in lessened worries.

• Research

Learn about the company. Do some researches, go to their website and know about their work. There are lots of possibilities that questions regarding the company may arise and it would be profitable if you’ll answer them. So utilize the day before the interview by reading the profile and work structure of the company.

• Smile

A smile can make a difference. It makes a positive impact on the interviewer. Even in the situation of nervousness, if you smile, it reflects confidence. And don’t restrict the smile on your face to the interviews only, smile more often.

• Manners

A handshake is a tradition passed on from generations. It symbolizes the meeting of two people. Extend a handshake to the interviewers as well as to any other friend you make at the venue. Whatever you do, do it with proper manners and etiquettes. Behavior is one of the primary things which will be noticed by company HRs.

• Confidence

You have to love yourself first, that’s the only way to become confident. You have the potential that is why you are at the interview. Be confident in answering the questions asked. If you don’t know, then boldly accept the fact that you don’t know the answer. Make yourself strong in particular streams and this will automatically boost your confidence. Also maintaining eye contact is a proof of confidence. At the end you have to make sure that you are no less than others. You are one of the best.

• Listen

Carefully listen to the interviewer and ask if you don’t understand something. Never hesitate. Shying will only make things worse. Speak out, ask and explain what you exactly want from the job to the interviewer, if asked.

Improving yourself and gaining knowledge is the most important aspect of life. Even if you’ll get selected, always keep improving and don’t lose hope if you are eliminated. Opportunities will knock soon!



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