Tips to Store Fruits in a Healthy Way

Fruits are perishable in nature and therefore they have to be stored appropriately to stay fresh for longer time. They have to be stored in cool places or in a right temperature.


Here are some tips to store fruits effectively:

  • Don’t wash your fruits until you plan to use them. The moistness can spoil the fruit.
  • Any fruit that is peeled or been cut should be stored in an airtight container in the fridge.
  • Fruits like grapes, apples, pears should be stored in refrigerator to stay fresh for longer time. Apples can also be stored in some dark and cool place where the temperature is around 50 to 55 Fahrenheit.
  • Bananas should never be stored in the refrigerator as they can turn black and mushy.
  • If you are keeping your fruits in carry bags in the fridge then punch holes on the bags, so that they get the air and remain fresh for longer time.
  • Cherries and berries should be kept unwashed, in a plastic bag in the warmer section of the refrigerator.
  • Fruits and vegetables should not be kept together. Fruits like apples produce ethylene gas which is a ripening agent therefore this gas spoils the vegetables surrounding it.
  • Peaches, apricots or any other stone fruit should be kept in room temperature. They should be kept in the fridge only when they are ripened.
  • Pears can be kept in paper bags. If you want them to ripe quickly, then you can store an apple with it.
  • Pomegranates can stay fresh for almost a month when stored in a cool place.
  • Strawberries should not be kept in a wet or moist place. They should be stored in paper bags in fridge and do not wash them until you use.
  • Pineapples should be consumed as soon as possible. They can be stored in normal room temperature away from the heat.
  • Citrus fruits like oranges, sweet-limes remain fresh for weeks in normal room temperature. There is no need to refrigerate them.
  • Fruits are best stored in room temperature; if they are refrigerated they lose their sweetness to certain extent.
  • Bring mangoes that are unripe and store it in a container, they will stay for at least two weeks. You can keep the mango in the uncooked rice container, if you want them to ripe faster.
  • If you want to store your fruits for a longer time, then you can even freeze them. Fruits like berries, sliced mangoes or peaches can be frozen. Blanch the fruits which are to be frozen in hot water and then pat them dry then store them in airtight bags and keep them below freezing temperatures. The fruit remain fresh for at least 6 months.

By following these above tips you can keep your fruits fresh as well as by consuming them you can stay fresh. As it is wisely said “An apple a day keeps a doctor away”, so don’t forget to have your share of apple everyday to keep yourself healthy.



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