Tips to reduce petrol consumption

Driving is a lifelong love. From the day we learned to ride bicycles, we fell in love with the concept of moving without keeping our foot on the land. Then came the expeditious motorbikes and comforting-accommodating cars which revolutionized the modes of travelling and transportation. Life became faster, comfortable and sporty. But the food for the car doesn’t come cheap now. As the fuel prices are pulled up, users are finding it difficult on their budgets. It’s eating their pockets and even restricting the new car-buyers from the happiness of driving the car from the showroom to their home.

Even if the prices are high, driving intelligently and keeping the technical facts in the mind helps in reducing the consumption of the fuel. So let’s see how we can lower our petrol usage.

• Drive when in need

You have to go to a shop near your home to bring chocolates and chips for your children. You’ve started the car and came back in few minutes. You brought smile on the faces of your children but have you noticed what just happened with the car and its fuel?
Vehicles are least fuel efficient and most polluting at the start of trips and on short trips. The catalytic converters (which reduce air pollution emissions) do not operate properly until they have warmed up. Trips of less than five kilometres generally do not allow the engine to reach its peak operating temperature, hence end up consuming more fuel than usual.
Try to avoid short vehicle trips by walking or cycling. Good for your wallet and the environment.

• No sudden brakes

Driving at 100 Km/hr is thrilling and adventurous, rash driving is a symbol of bravery. Forget all these phrases if you really want to save your fuel. Using brakes more than needed and applying sudden brakes leads to the wastage of fuel. Drive smoothly and slow down the vehicle gradually. Avoid careless driving and be a good driver.

• The right gear

Always know the speed you are driving and thus apply the gear accordingly. One gear down or up can increase your fuel consumption. In a manual vehicle, change up gears as soon as the car is comfortable with the higher gear but without accelerating harder than necessary. Also use the clutch while changing the gears and at the starting of the cars. Placing the foot on the clutch all the times make your car consume more fuel.

• The AC syndrome

When at home, the AC on! When in car, AC on! It doesn’t matter if the season is cold or hot, keeping the AC on is becoming a syndrome. Air Conditioner utilizes the fuel too and increases the consumption upto 10%. So if it’s morning or not-so-hot season then try to turn off the AC, roll down the windows, and feel the breeze.

• Maintenance

Your car comes with several free servicing, so take your car to the service centres. Clean the air-filters, check the spark plugs and pressure in the tires, oil the parts and keep the engine tuned. The car is a machine, proper maintenance and regular servicing will increase not only the fuel efficiency but also the longevity of the car.

• Be intelligent

Use common sense, take the help of technology and use shorter routes. Seriously getting lost will not help you in finding yourself but waste your fuel only.

If you really feel the need to save the fuel, you will definitely save some.



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