Tips to improve your IQ

We should not only use the brains we have; we should always borrow! Intelligence quotient (IQ) is one of the measures for calculating a person’s intellectual capability. A German psychologist introduced this term in earl 1900s. The average score is 100 and above 130 is a superior high score while those who score 130+ marks are gifted intellectually gifted!

Here are some pointers to enhance your intellectual skills

Learn and Practice math problems-

Solving quantitative math problems like permutations and combinations, probability and few others will definitely help you raise your IQ levels. You should associate math with your daily life; it improves our mental and mathematical ability. Solving such problems can definitely help you overcome your logical reasoning and thereby increasing logical reasoning.

Read and practice verbal communication

Reading is the prime thing that helps a lot! Your ability to understand things and knowledge increases with reading books, magazine and most importantly, the daily toast of news. They improve your vocabulary skills, work power which in turn helps you to increase your IQ score.

Playing games, both indoor and outdoor activities help increase your mental accuracy and your mind gets sharper! Rapid and active movements improve the blood flow in your body and regular sports help us increase our concentration levels! Playing indoor games like chess, monopoly always helps us increase your IQ level.

Rubik’s cube is also considered one of the prime mediums to stimulate your mind and mental strength. Keep solving crosswords and other memory sharpening riddles; they always help. These riddles and puzzles help you increase your memory level and concentration power. Science and researches have also shown that solving such riddles create new cells and neurons in our body. They finally result in increment of your IQ scores.

Eat nutritious food; it is a scientific fact that junk food causes damage to your brain cells, so you should avoid eating such food products/items. Eat food with rich vitamins like fruits, green vegetables, walnuts etc. Such eatables always aid your brain cells and give mental stimulation.

Image streaming technique is one of the modern techniques used in helping raise the standards and levels of your IQ. It is one technique that helps people build their creative thinking.

So, stop aiming at HIGH IQ. Use the above techniques and do such activities that help you increase your IQ instead.




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