Tips for women to dress casually

Gilda Radner, the famous American comedian once said, “I base most of my fashion sense on what doesn’t itch.” This is what casual dressing is all about. It is about being comfortable at its best. Keeping in mind the comfort level, one must not forget about dressing right. After all, you are what you wear. The way you dress speaks a lot about your personality. A research has revealed that 90% of the first impression judgements are based on what you wear. Wearing the right dress is what ultimately helps you to wear the right attitude.

The following tips will help you to dress the right way for casual meetings and outings.


  • A pair of jeans and a funky t shirt calls for a great combination. However, remember that  jeans require cleaning and ironing. The colour of the t shirt and jeans should go well together. So be careful while choosing the colour combinations.
  • The jeans should be skinny. Loose jeans call for a fashion disaster.
  • Some colour combinations for jeans and t shirts are:

Black jeans: Any colour can look good on black jeans. White, grey and cream coloured t shirts look classy on black jeans.

Dark blue jeans: Dark and medium toned t shirts and tops look great on dark blue jeans. You can go for colours like red, dark green and fresh sky blue.

Light blue/ faded jeans: Darker shades of blue look rich on faded jeans. You can go for peacock blue, electric blue and/or navy blue. Apart from these colours, black t shirt or a top can also look good on faded jeans.

White jeans: First of all, wear the white jeans right. It should be clean and stain free. For tops, you can choose summer colours. Orange and lime colour can call for a perfect choice. Colourful tops look good on white jeans.

  • Balloon tops: Balloon tops should be preferably worn by skinny girls. These tops make skinny girls look a little bubblier. Skinny girls can go for 3/4th sleeves or full sleeves balloon tops. Girls with healthier figures can go for sleeveless or mega sleeves balloon tops.
  • Tank tops: Tank tops are the best casual wear for summer evenings. Olive green, red, brown are the best colours for tank tops.
  • Halter tops: Halter tops are similar to tank tops, though not completely the same. Blue, red, pink, purple and colourful halter tops when paired with jeans will make you look stylish.
  • Tunic tops and shirts: Tunics can give you a casual yet formal, and a formal yet casual look. Tunic shirts are a good choice if you are casually meeting up someone for the first time.
  • Cartoon printed t shirts look great during casual picnics and outings.
  • Denim shorts paired with tank tops and/or cartoon printed t shirts looks cool. Play with colours to have a stylish look.
  • Pair a fitted t shirt with your short skirt. You can also wear a thin belt on the skirt to add up to the look.
  • For Indian wrap around skirts, choose tank or halter tops. Choose a darker shade for the top. For example, wear black tank top on a dark orange/red skirt.
  • Fitted kurtas on skinny jeans will help to maintain a casual traditional look in the interiors. Earthy colour kurtas look rich and ethnic.   
  • Footwear: Go for the following combinations.

Jeans and T shirts: Sneakers, shoes and floaters.

Jeans and tops: Flat ballerina shoes, flat sandals or colourful flat/heel flip flops.

Jeans and kurtas: Flat sandals.

Skirts: Flat sandals, flat ankle boots or flat shiny flip flops.

  • Other tips:

Wear stud earrings on jeans and t shirts, and dangling earrings on kurtas and skirts. Don’t pick any gaudy pair. It will mess up the look.

A colourful wrist watch can look awesome on jeans.

You can wear a thin and a non shiny necklace.

Carry a suitable hand bag along.

Keep the overall make up simple.

Use the right deodorant.

Wear your hair right.

If needed, carry a sweatshirt, sweater, pullover, coat or a jacket.

Being casual can be that simple, yet that complicated. All you need to do is choose the perfect option.



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