Tips for Using Facebook

If you are a regular user of Facebook, there are a few things you should do or know in order make a better social networking experience for yourself. Here are the tips on how to browse facebook and have a better experience this time: –

1. Full-Screen Photo viewing – You can view photos on facebook in full-screen mode which will give a better gallery experience. Here is how to do it; once you click on a photo you will see a floating menu. Scroll down and click on options and you will see the “Enter Full screen” option. To get out of the full screen mode press “X”.

2. Hide what you read – There are many social reading apps and they have good articles but you might not want others to know what your read during your free time. There is an option to hide what you read on facebook and it is Account setting > Home > App. Click on “edit” and you will see options to hide what you read.

3. List of Interests – You can create a list of your interests in your profile on facebook. Go to interests section and click on more and then on add interests and Create list.

4. Add locations to images – You can add locations to Images and they will be placed in your map as well. This way your map will be populated with and people who are viewing your map can see with photo where all places you have been to.

5. Reposition Photos on Your Timeline – You can reposition a photo on your time line to look better by clicking on “Edit or Remove” icon on the top-right and select “reposition photo”.

6. Hide from certain friends on facebook – Everyone has quite a few people whom they would rather not chat with. If you want to chat with other people but still appear offline to certain people you can do so by clicking on that person’s name in the chat window and hit the cog icon on the top right. Then click on go offline to name of that person.

7. Pre-Approved Tags – you can change the setting of your account in a way that any tagged content before appearing on your timeline will need your approval.  Go to Privacy Settings > Timeline and Tagging > Edit Settings and set both “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline” and “Review tags friends add to your own posts on facebook” on.

8. Hide content in your News Feed – you can hide annoying and unwanted content from appearing in your news feed.  Go to News feed > Edit Setting and you can ban certain friend’s updates to come in your newsfeed.

9. Create a Secret Group – You can create a secret group that only appears to selected people. This way you can share content with only a few selected people.

10. High Quality Images – If you want your images to be of good quality, while uploading them select high quality mode. It might take longer but the quality will be great.



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