Tips for eating healthy with budget constraint

Eating healthy food has long lasting advantages on body and mind. A balanced diet improves physical as well as mental health. But often healthier and fresh items come expensive and may damage our budget. But if you are really concerned about your health, a little planning might help. So here are a few tips and tricks you can use to maintain your budget and get healthier too.




  • Go seasonal

Buy fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season. Local and seasonal fruits and vegetables are often cheaper than during other parts of the year. Also they taste better than other non seasonal items. For e.g.: Root vegetables in the winter, apples & squash in the fall, Broccoli & berries in the summer are the perfect time to buy them.

  • Make a list

Never go for shopping without a list. You’ll end up with unnecessary items and overspending. Instead think smart. Don’t let the grocery store fool you. Make a list of the items you really need for a week/month. So when you go shopping, you’ll buy only the necessary items mentioned in the list and not get seduced by the flashy covers of unnecessary stuffs. Resist the temptation and buy the needed. This will help you save money as well as time.

  • Bulk buying

Buy everything in a bulk. Don’t go shopping everyday and buy the items for 1-2 days. Instead buy everything at once. This may cost more at the cash counter but cheaper in a long run.

  • Compare the prices

Try comparing the prices of the same product for different brands and buy the cheaper one. Don’t go blind by the brand name. Always choose the best. Also utilize the offers and discounts available at the store. Many stores offer discounts for membership card holders and regular buyers. So buying from a particular store might help save money.

  • Limit the meat

Non-veg. items are costlier than veggies. Reducing the consumption of meat is an easy way to cut back both the calories and expenses.

  • The home made food

Homemade food is always cheaper than restaurant-served food. Instead of eating out in the neighborhood eateries, cook the food at your home. Eating out is much more expensive, unhygienic and unhealthier than the home cooked food. Also don’t waste the food. If some of the food you cooked is left, then don’t throw it. Keep it for the next day.

  • Don’t go junking

Avoid junk foods and fizzy drinks. Think long term, you are not reducing your expenses by eating junk food. You are only inviting health problems and getting fat.

  • Water-water

Drink lots of water everyday. This will make you much healthier than any other food. Avoid soda or packaged juices, just drink the natural water and feel healthy.

Eating healthy is not always cheap. It needs preparation and planning to make it fit in the budget. So eat well and look good. Be healthy.



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