Tips for buying a Guitar


You love music and dream to be like one of those cool rockstars. You start growing your hair but still undecided to choose the right guitar. There are thousands of options, many varieties, varying sizes and different designs to bewilder you. Every beginner needs help, so here are some rocking tips which will make you own the best guitar you always wanted.




  •  Acoustic or Electric?

Every step starts with understanding yourself. Think about the genre of music you really love and want to play. Know what type of person you are, a headbanging devil praiser, moshpit lover and Lamb of God listener or a John Mayer lover, dream surfer and soft music consumer.
If you prefer the first category, then you are an electric guitar person and ready to rock the stage. Otherwise an acoustic guitar will perfectly suit you to impress the girls in your school. And if you do everything, then Mr. /Ms All-rounder you can buy both if you have full pockets or have a semi acoustic guitar. Generally everything depends on your preference, either going for electric or keeping it simple and sweet to getting acoustic. However an acoustic guitar is the best choice to start learning.

  •  Budget

Your budget will eliminate most of the options. Fix the budget and look for the best in it. If the guitar you wanted is over your budget then save more but always buy the guitar you want. Never settle for anything less. However any medium range guitar would satisfy the ears. The cost is mainly based on the brand name, precision of making and wood used. Because of the differences in wood, the sound quality differs slightly. Select any one, play it and if you like the sound of strumming, go for it. The budget will take care of itself. You can bear a hole in your wallet for your favorite guitar right!

  •  Acoustic body styles

Three different body styles can be found in acoustic guitar: classic, dreadnought and jumbo. Each one of them has their own unique resonating properties. Since the shape and sizes are different, the frequencies also differ, making the sound distinct in all the three styles. Try them out and find which one is comfortable for you.

  •  Taking help

If you are a beginner then it is most preferable that you take somebody with you who has good knowledge of guitars. Ask your friend (who plays guitar) to come with you to the shop and choose the one that sounds sweet and good. It’s all ears while choosing a good guitar and if you haven’t developed them yet, then don’t shy from asking help.


Buying a guitar is no rocket-science. It’s as easy as playing the E minor. When you enter the instrument shop, just forget all the technicalities. You’ll find that there is one beautiful guitar hanging with others, expecting you to pick it and strum. Go for it. It’s your guitar.

Remember! You don’t choose the guitar, the guitar chooses you. lol!




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