Tips for bachelors to keep the house organized

A bachelor’s pad is always more of a ‘funky’ place. Since there is no nagging, the tidiness is often ignored. Bachelors, especially college going students are often careless about the organization of their homes. Working bachelors have slightly better, less funky and bit tidier homes.

Here are some simple and affordable tips for bachelors to keep their homes clean and tidy:


1. Bachelors often use their sofas as beds and vice versa. Place the sofa/bed at a right place in the apartment. Use pillows of contrast colours. Such types of sofa sets are available in markets at reasonable rates.

2. Place a small circular table in the living room. This can be used for keeping newspapers and magazines. This can also be used as a coffee table.

3. If affordable, buy a closet to keep your clothes, jackets, helmets and bags. The shelves of the closet can be categorized systematically. This will make it easier to find things, and will avoid last minute hurry. A wooden closet is comparatively cheaper than iron closet.

4. In case you have room mates, you can contribute and buy a mini refrigerator. This will prevent the waste of food. It will also make it easier for to store milk, soft drinks and other eatables.

5. Purchase a coffee maker. This will help you to make a quick coffee when your friends drop by unannounced. You can also cook maggi noodles in the coffee maker. This is an easier and affordable option in comparison to buying a gas stove.

6. You can purchase one or two plastic chairs which can be used by the guests.

7. You can also have a few magazines, CDs, puzzles and other games to pass the time.

8. Be sure to discard old plastic bottles, magazines and newspapers from time to time.

9. Make use of fewer utensils while cooking. This will help you have a clutter free kitchen. Put your clothes in a laundry bag instead of scattering them in the house. This will avoid the foul smell and will also work as space saver.

10. Use a room freshener once a day to keep the house pleasant and odour-free.

These are a few tips that will help you make your bachelor’s a lively and an organized place.



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