Tips and Tricks for Facebook Timeline

Some of the Facebook users have really liked and the enjoyed the new visual Timeline design while some do not like it as they find it difficult and complicated and they cannot get used to it. Well it is not exactly mandatory that everyone has to get timeline. Well we do not completely know all about the functions of Facebook Timeline and we still need some time to get used to it completely. Here are some tips and tricks on how to hide some content from your time line or how to show things that you want and other useful options.

1. View your timeline content: Facebook’s algorithm decides what all stories to be shown on your timeline which includes half hidden posts as well. There are also marked posts on your timeline which are not shown. These are noted by a blue dot and by clicking on the blue dot you can view these posts. You can view all the stories within a year by click on the three blue dots underneath each year.

2. How to hide posts from your Timeline: Timeline offers your friends the power to view your entire Facebook history. Well you surely do not want everyone to see your entire history on Facebook so you can start hiding things. It is quite simple to hide stuff from your timeline. You can go through your timeline throughout the whole year and if you see a post that you want to hide, all you got to do is to just click on the pencil on top of the post and select hide from timeline.

3. Customizing the boxes: On timeline you can customize the boxes that are located under your cover photo. The boxes friends and photos are fixed and cannot be changed. All the boxes that can be edited have a pencil icon in which you can edit the box and customize it according to your preferences.

4. Hide the sidebar: By clicking on the arrow icon at the right bottom of the screen you can hide the sidebar which will make your timeline look tidier.

5. How to get rid of advert: You can get rid of an ad which bothers you by clicking on the X icon on the top right of the advert.

6. Album Primary photo: You can change your albums primary photo by clicking on the pencil icon, and select a different image from the album.




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