The philosophy of television

The idiot box- Although this name might be perfect for  the television, I think it deserves more appreciation. Obviously , the number of people who are telly fans outnumber the ones who aren’t so fond of it, by bounds and leaps. Available for sale since the 1920’s this entertainment and information machine has given rise to careers, new terms, awareness , advertising and much more. This is one of those very few things that are enjoyed by almost all age groups. Whether it’s watching a movie , serials , news, informational channels etc. the TV always have something to offer for people with varied interests. This might be one of the reasons for its massive popularity. Initially an object of luxury , nowadays it’s hard to spot a household even from the low income groups without a television set.

Initially, the TV was a form of recreation.  People would find themselves in front of the screen , either alone or with family and friends , relaxing whenever they got the time. Now? Its more than “just” a recreation. It’s an addiction ! Work , studies and other important tasks are thrown away because of the wide world they can travel into , one remote control away.

The television was always a source of information and knowledge. With matter being presented visually , books were politely being asked to take a hike. The television seems likethe i-know-it-all and has the power to feed and influence.However sometimes it takes an  ugly turn. The violence and macabre showed on television affects the children and they tend to become more aggressive.Moreover , children tend to pick up things from their surroundings very quickly and a television may teach them unwanted habits.

The television has to be given a lot of credit for taking advertising to a completely different level. With the help of jingles,commercials and infomercials is as good as someone selling you a product/service at the doorstep ( in a more creative manner and with music ofcourse)

The news on the television gives you the facts from the newspaper in a visual format thus enriching the entire experience of knowing whats around you.

And ofcourse, the related coined phrase – “ couch potato” reminds me of another reason why televisions are this popular. The fact that you could watch a glimpse of innumerable things while you rest on your sofa with your favourite snack gives relaxation a whole new meaning.

When I say entertainment, I mean movies , daily soaps, comedy shows,reality shows,talk shows etc. If you think about it the serials and soaps are actually books that let you read only one chapter a day. The only difference is , a book ends ! Reality shows gives you a peep into the lives of various people but nowadays have lost its sense of genuineness.

With channels such as Animal Planet , Discovery Channel etc. you find yourself being entertained and learning something at the same time. In fact if presented properly , everything on television can serve as a visual aid in one’s learning experience.

Television has however been gaining a lot of criticism for giving rise to eye defects , laziness and in many places “bad influence”. However this hasn’t stopped or reduced its popularity.

Despite having it’s pros and cons, we should realize that we have created the television , so we shouldn’t let it take over control. The remote control might be in our hands , but our minds are in it’s hands.




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