The NRI Specimens

We all know atleast a couple of people who have had a stint abroad. Surprisingly, even when you know people who lived on the same street out there, each one’s experience of the foreign land is quite different. For some it is the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’, while for some it is a hellhole with extreme weather, racism and bad food. Pay close attention to these ‘abroad- returned’ comics and you will notice a pattern.

The Sulkers:
They sulk here, they sulk there. Here it is about the weather, unequal opportunity (coz his mediocre talent gets him nowhere), less money. Once they are out, you would expect this person to shut the whining but NO. He will now crib about the weather, unequal opportunity (coz his mediocre talent gets him nowhere), less money AND he’ll bitch about the food. He will insist on eating only Indian food, and then complain because it is not the same. His room is often full of other fellow-sulkers who will sit together and brood. These SAME people, however, once they are back, will insist on McDonalds.

The Instant Citizens:
The moment they enter the airport in India, they are instantly transformed. They now have an accent and roll their eyes at anything remotely Indian. However, being the pathetic being the lame individuals they are, nobody wants to touch them with a ten-foot pole and they end up alone in their rooms, drinking Coke (from a can only) and chatting on Skype with their mummies, who think its cool her son drinks Coke now.

The Permanent Immigrants:
These people genuinely needed to be abroad to excel. Whether it’s the pressure of the education loan or the conducive work environment, these babies will shine once they are out in the wild. They quickly adapt to the environment and take in all the good the foreign land has to offer while also participating in the local Bhangra night. Don’t count on them ever returning to the Motherland. This ship has sailed.

The Party Boys (and girls) :
Free from the clutches of their over protective parents, these young-uns will party like there is no tomorrow. Their Universities are low-rung and the pressure to perform is minimal. They are the ones who will make FULL USE of the beer there being cheaper than juice and will come back with a piercing or two. Some might work an extra job to fund the midnight galas and some probably have deep pockets. Full fun, no progress is their motto.



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