Bhangarh Fort – The Most Haunted Place in India

Bhangarh Most Haunted Place of IndiaHave you ever visited a place that left you speechless and made you shiver in a hot summer day? Let me take you to a place that India’s the most haunted place, Bhangarh. Bhangarh is a place on the way from Jaipur to Alwar city in Rajasthan state of India. Bhangarh is known for its ruins where nobody will dare to stay overnight because of some paranormal activities happening in and around the area. The villagers of nearby areas say that if anybody dares to build a house there the roof will collapse. It seems to be true because all the houses in Bhangarh and nearby areas have roofless homes. They may have a roof of straw but not of bricks. Even the birds and the wildlife go silent after the dusk as some spirits approach in the night.

Haunted Bhangarh Fort: The Ghost Town of RajasthanThere are some stories associated with the Bhangarh fort ruins that seem to be true to believe. In the first half of the 17th century Madho Singh who was the younger brother of King Akbar’s general Man Singh, built his capital here. The whole city seems to have been abandoned in a hurry some centuries later. Local people say that the whole town was vacated overnight due to some curse. There are two stories behind the curse. One says it is Baba Balanath who meditated there and told to Madho Singh that the shadow of the palace should not reach him otherwise he and his city would be no more. One of the dynasty’s later descendents, Ajab Singh raised the palace to such a height that it reached that place where Balanath meditated hence the devastation.

Bhangarh FortThe second story is about the queen of bhangarh. The local folks said that a wicked sorcerer cursed the city after being spurned by the lovely queen Ratnavali . The 17th century city soon destroyed by an advancing army and left behind temples only. It has been uninhabited ever since. It is said that if the town is ever rediscovered, no township would be found.

Bhangarh FortIt is the rule of government of India that there will be an office of archaeology survey of India (ASI) beside every historical building but even the government is also scared of Bhangarh ruins as they opened the ASI office one kilometre away from the fort. This office is close to a temple just because of this myth. Is it enough to scare you? One more thing here is that the government has put a notice board that says, “Staying after sunset is strictly prohibited in this area”.

Bhangarh FortWhether you believe or not the idea of spirits and ghosts, you cannot deny the fact that places like this give you a scary feeling that makes you to leave the place as soon as possible. People here said that nobody returned from there who stayed after dark. The people who visited this place say that there is a strange feeling in the atmosphere of Bhangarh that causes restlessness and anxiety. Won’t it be your next tourist destination?

Bhangarh Fort



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  1. Haunted places in India says:

    The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has put up a signboard at Bhangarh stating (among others): “Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited.” Tourists who visit this place say that there is a strange feeling in the atmosphere of Bhangarh, which causes symptoms of anxiety and restlessness.

    • richard vince says:

      spirits.. my balls.. its all made up by humans n indegenous sorcerers… so they can come out in th limelite somehw… now its digraceful for a country to portray its tourism in such a lame way.. we’re living in the modern world wre even the blair witch project has been proved a ruse.. our country is filled wit idiots of this sort and half of the emotionally attached youngsters (especiually gals) fall for these baseless fables that are far from bein remotely intellectual.
      please start asking a ‘why?’ every time u’re encountered with weird stories suchas this.
      it is jus human perspective overlooking actual divine methodologies.
      it is ancient misintepretations of divine information that are still being followed by th vast majority jus bec they’ve been accustomed to a certain way of living and jus bec they find it hard to digest th truth and tats y u stick to stupid irrelevant religiious practces n traditions n mix it al up wit our beautiful lives to complicate it by confusing oneself.
      wre is this country headin if it still sticks to ancient and primitive beliefs suchas this???… most indians are naive and th media should be blamed for this.. for deprivin indians of rightful and absolute information..

      • Behrooz Mihankhah says:

        Entry to Bhangarh Fort after sunset and before sunrise is prohibited by ASI (Archaeological Survey of India). There is board kept by ASI regarding that. The board further adds the mystery of Bhangarh fort which is popularly known as “ghost town”. However there are no reports of any paranormal activities taking place at here at Bhangarh. Even a group of investigators who visited the town from night to morning did not witness existence of any supernatural being.

        • Recently i visited Bhangarh and frankly speaking the place is awesome.I did not see anything wrong happening there and localities too said that the place is not haunted but one feels restless and is not at all ease during the trip.There is something extra territorial there which is not at par our reach… one should really visit this place if want to feel something different.

  2. any other haunted place in rajasthan

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