The Morphine’s Ne(X)T

NAME: Dev Virani

Location: Orchid Rehabilitation Centre for drug addicts

This is his story.

“I was sixteen, when I got in to this dreadful addiction whose repercussions I am suffering till date. I was introduced to this by my best friend. I was fascinated by it. It was an after party; we all had attended to celebrate our independence after a month’s drudgery. The music was too jarring for the ears and the lights were too harsh for the normal human eyes to bear. I wanted to leave the place that moment, but peer pressure.

My best friend handed me the drink and told it was called the ‘Ecstasy Rush’ and refused to offer anymore explanation. After that I remembered nothing. I woke up with a bad headache the next day in an unknown person’s house. I made a quick escape and went straight to my best friend’s house for he owed me an explanation. After confronting him, he refused to give me an explanation and told that he had a better solution to that the killing headache of mine. He revealed his hidden source – DRUGS.

I was baffled by seeing his collection first and refused to take it. He told me that I was already under its dosage since last night. The vague memories were coming to light and I realized what poison I consumed – methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA). There started my drug life.

My best friend kept telling me the positive sides of drugs. He would keep telling me that it is an excellent stress buster and would help me become cool and happening. I was too naïve and gullible to be taken in by his words. Somehow I managed my junior college and then when I joined in college, automatically my intake increased. I felt it was the easiest way to fit in into a group. Then came in the study pressure in short stress. I was under the impression that these narcotics will help me get rid of them. Nothing like that happened, but I was too high to realize what harm it was causing on me. The story of my life was powder and needles. In rare occasions alcohol as it would be quite expensive as compared to the rest.

My parents remained in the dark until one day when there was a police raid in one of the outdoor rave parties also called a bush party. I was put behind the bars and my parents were called in. my father disowned me that very night and the cops decided to put me in to a rehab.

Thus, for the past ten years I am into this habit of going in and out of the rehab. My parents’ door was shut forever for me that very night and after I was released of the rehab I had to find a way to eke out a living. The tragedy is once an addiction always remains an addiction. I could never give up drugs.”

This was just one instance of a life of a junkie, there are millions more and the population is increasing day by day. The root can be traced back to the 19th century American society where these narcotics were first discovered. Who knew this would soon take over the world like a wild forest fire. Though it has been officially banned by the US government, but underhand dealings do take place and people who trade in this sort of items have found unconventional methods of sneaking it across to their clients all across the globe. One of the biggest supplies of heroin comes from Afghanistan who imports it to US from where the distribution takes place.

Talking of India, the drug buyers are mostly youngsters from affluent families. A recent survey has shown that there are over 7.5 crore drug addicts in India.  In a country like India where there is the prevalence of tribal culture, dealings do not always have to be foreign made. Though a lot of foreigners have been caught in 17 drug rackets, but no useful information could be found out as their information was often misleading and language was often a barrier.

A survey conducted by the government between drug addicts between the ages of 18-22 (source –

  • Alcoholic Beverage (preceding 21)
  • Cannabis (preceding 3)
  • Opiates (preceding 0.7)
  • Other illicit drugs (3.6%)

Also it has been found out that 8% women of the Indian population are into drugs. It was figured out that on more than t 6.25 crore alcoholics, more than 90 million take Cannabis and 0.25 gazillion opiates and nearly 1 million illicit drug exploiters in India.

According to officials, “Over a period of 10 years, more than three lac cases have been registered under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act but there have been just three death sentences.”

The health effects of drug consumption can be very bad on human health as it mutates the normal functioning of the brain by changing the chemical balance of the brain. These directly or indirectly fill the brain’s circuit system with dopamine. These in small quantities help in producing euphoric behavior which later just make the person may lose his sanity. Depression creeps in and the person and he feels lifeless and flat. The excitement behind once consuming it becomes like a routine that one cannot renounce. This eventually leads to the alteration of other neurotransmitters and finally leads to impairment of the body, spasms, electrolytic imbalance, unwanted pregnancy etc.

Thus, to make the world a better place to live in, governments all across the globe are coming up with special anti-drug and anti-alcohol campaigns. Counselors are being hired in various schools and colleges especially in the urban areas. These will help the teens understand better that consumption of drugs is nothing cool or an act of rebellion. Also, the youths across the globe should be made aware of the ill-effects of drugs so that they don’t fall.




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