The Million Dollar Question.. Privacy or Publicity?

Film“Stars” (and let’s stick to Bollywood, for now), by virtue of their profession, seem to be an awfully confused lot! Why else would one appear on reality television shows and yet expect their life to be kept concealed from public eye? Being a popular figure, why would you, on your wedding day, ride halfway across the city on horseback, then get pissed off for being hounded by the mob and the media and YET expect to be believed when making tall claims of wanting to keep your marriage a ‘private affair?’ This behaviour is symptomatic of an utter conflict of emotions or rather an utter confusion over what should take precedence.. the guarding of privacy or the garnering of publicity.

These iconic personalities seem to be caught in a strange position between desiring all that hype and the intense need to portray the image of cool and classy Mr/Miss/Mrs “I want my space, not the attention”… lest they come across like a certain explicitly desperate ‘Struggling-Starlet-Till-I-Die’/ item girl (name not mentioned.. but boy, ain’t it obvious!) who performs one publicity stunt after another proudly and tirelessly, in her undying quest for the limelight! With all her eccentricity however, she is probably the only person who seems to have her mind strongly made up on her position on the Privacy versus Publicity debate, and is quite clearly in favour of the latter, while the rest put on this air of being subjected to tremendous distress or proclaim their own respective selves as “Controversy’s Favourite Child.”

Agreed that your professional occupation ought to be isolated from your personal life.. and yes, the omnipresence of the media must understandably get overbearing. All of that granted, the fact remains (WITHOUT providing ANY justification for yellow journalism) that in many cases, these attention grabbing feats are performed FOR the media, in which case, who is to blame?.. The ‘victimised’ Celebrity or the Media?

Maintaining a balance of personal and professional lives sure is much harder in THIS profession, no doubt.. but make up your mind guys..What IS it that you want?..Privacy or Publicity?.. coz very evidently, you can’t have your cake and eat it too!



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