The Latest Era of Movie Rentals

The latest era of movie renting industry is on a high and is an absolute delight for the movie bug in you. Popular movie renting services like Netflix, LOVEFILM, eHit and Blockbuster Video etc. have redefined the term ‘Home Entertainment’, making is possible for you to access and enjoy your favourite films within the comfort of the walls around you and your loved ones, whenever you want!

These movie rental companies offer services in form of: DVD-by-mail, pay-per-view, streaming and kiosk-type vending stores, totally downsizing the effort one needs to put in to watch a movie in a theatre these days. The renting industry popped out of the ‘video store’ when in the 1970s many video store owners started to rent out VHS and Betamax cassettes. In the present times, these rental companies have ousted individual shop owners mainly because of the convenience a customer has in hand to watch a movie through these services only enhancing his movie watching experience.

Movie rental companies basically operate through the internet where the customer needs to pick the movie to watch, place an order and on the conditions laid down by these companies they deliver the requested DVD to you through mail. In countries like America and Brazil, the mailing service is pretty extensive and efficient making some classic movies accessible to people even in the far outs. And in countries where the geography makes it tough for the mailing service, customers can make use of the streaming services and pay-per-view options, more technical support like high bandwidth being the only requirement. Hence, the ease and convenience provided by these companies is unmatched.

With more and more people opting for movie renting services, the companies are trying hard to improve their collection, although a lot of variety in genre is already available on many of these sites. Movie renting enables you to even watch those movies which do not make it to the theatres around you bridging the cultural gaps and helping rare films reach a new audience. Another advantage of renting a movie is its cost effectiveness. These services are cheap and let you hold on a movie for a decent share of time according to your liking.

The customer base of these movie renting companies are booming up with every passing day as people across the globe find it hard to make more time, and wasting that precious time looking out for a movie than actually watching one is certainly irritating. Rentals solve this problem and offer you much more! The change in trend is so prominent that the production houses may even fancy releasing a brand new movie through these companies, only attracting new customers to these services.

Major DVD rental companies in India are: Moviemart, Seventymm and Bigflix.





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