The Intel Nikiski Concept

The Intel Nikiski concept is a live example of incredible fast pace of advancement in science and technology. It is perhaps one of the most bizarre and stunning Intel concept PC till date.

Last year Intel talked about the Nikiski concept at Computex. But this time the ‘chipmakers’ took the press conference on a roller coaster ride by showcasingthe most exotic and incredible example of design and technology at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Intel introduced the concept of “Ivy Bridge” laptop which incorporated a large gauzy touchpad with a translucent screen and this whole concept was labelled by Intel as ‘Intel Nikiski’ concept. Intel stole the show in the press conference and people were awestruck by the way it was designed, the unparalleled technology it used and the manner in which it was presented.

Nikiski is a concept notebook that doubles up into a touchscreen virtual assistant. This concept is projected as the future of Ultrabook. But the question arises, “What triggered a chipmaker company like Intel to introduce a concept like ‘Nikiski’?” Well, here is the answer: Mooly Eden, the vice president and General Manager of Intel’s PC Client Group felt the need of something like Nikiski concept. He said at the conference, “When you close your PC and you are running to another meeting…now you need to get your iPhone or your Android phone in order to get an immediate response. I say, why can’t we deliver it on the same device?”

Hence, Intel Nikiski concept was born! The Nikiski concept laptop has large translucent touch pad that stretches across the entire length of the keypad. This transparent touch panel is activein both open and closed mode. And this is precisely the USP of this device.

When the laptop is open, the transparent touchpad is capable of identifying the dissimilarity between the finger-tip scrolling and your palm resting on it while you are typing. The purpose of this concept of palm detection is that if it recognizes that you are resting you palm on the touch pad; it will automatically disable the mouse cursor.

When you close your laptop, the dual-sided see-through touch panel allows you from the other side of the touch-screen, to view e-mails, calendar appointments and RSS feeds that the user can interact with, even when the machine is closed.

During the demo, the laptop used Intel’s “Chief River” platform, the next generation Intel Core processors which will be introduced in the market this year. It displayed 20mm chassis which was a bit high in standard as compared to the Ultrabook standards. Ivy Bridge processor used, is also expected to show some miracles.

During the demo, Nikiski concept used Windows 7 operating system. It was reported that when the laptop was closed, the see through touch panel displayed Windows 8 Metro look and feel. It was also revealed that the name of the concept is based on some valley in North Korea.

The product is not yet available in the market and neither does Intel intends to sell its concept for monetary benefits or sell it as an Intel PC in the market. They are rather aiming at inspiring other companies to modernize and transform this concept with even better technology, design and efficiency so that they can come up with something really exotic and inimitable in the market.




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