The curious world of tattoos

The origin of the so called trend of “tattoos” began with the animals. It came into existence for solving the problem of animals’ identification. It did not take very long to get this trend among human beings; after all Homo sapiens are social “animals” too.

A tattoo is essentially changing of the skin pigment. This is exclusively done by the painful insertion of an ineffaceable ink into the dermis layer of one’s skin. As an inference, tattooing has thus become a style statement since 1990’s. Exhibitions are now being held at the mainstream art galleries to popularise both conventional and contemporary styles of this body modification. This “art” gained so much of fame that even Barbie Doll introduced a concept alike in 2011.

To majorly classify the art of tattooing, it can be natural as well as done by virtue of personal discretion. For instance, traumatic tattoos are a result of an accident where a substance like gunpowder or asphalt gets infused in wounds. Similarly, there are a various customs that state a specific tattoo to be engraved in order to symbolise something.

Various other researchers have indicated the fact that people have started getting tattooed themselves in some of the craziest body parts in order to be the centre of attraction. This conclusively helps us subdivide the art of tattoo. Tattooing is now being done over teeth, tongue, palette, eyeball, inside the lips and many such weirdest places. Fluorescent tattoos are also in a great demand these days. While accessory and hair tattoos are equally on a rise.

Like everything present in this world, tattooing also comes with its own pros and cons. It gives you an edge over the others to broadcast yourself. It helps you dignify yourself by proving your loyalty for someone or simply making one of your unique personality traits stand out. But, the need of the hour is to sniff the intensity of harmful impacts of tattoos. Easily comprehensive, the fact of matter is that tattooing is insertion of ink inside the sensitive layers of skin, so it naturally calls for a huge risk of infections. Not that tattoo enthusiasts compromise on hygiene, but they too fear suffering from as dangerous disease as HIV and as mild as surface skin allergy. Further, swimming into the pool of tattoo art, difficulty in removal of tattoo stands another reason for re-consideration. Cost is another aspect altogether; one cannot refrain from complications that might hinder the surgery’s success, no matter how much you plan to spend on it. Removing a tattoo is even more agonizing than getting it done. Undergoing pain once, for experiencing lifetime happiness or regret now stands your choice!

Who said enhancing self-image was easy? Think twice before pushing yourself for getting a tattoo done! Be sure of whether or not you want the tattoo in the very first place and that you’d be happy with the kind of design you’ve chosen for life. Else, be ready to handle the tough times and pains. Happy decision making!



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