The Big Giant v/s the Smarter Tablet

Tablet PCsWith the current rate of growth and advancement, the users want something more handy and portable than a laptop, more powerful and better performing than a Notebook and definitely more comfortable and user friendly than a Smart-phone. Thus the big giants from the IT industry came up with a solution that does not leave you at your office desk or on a table in a coffee shop; instead it travels into every section of your life. They came up with a sleek and smart slate that gives you all the benefits of a PC and has a more interactive interface; A Tablet PC.

In March 2010, Apple gave us the first powerful Tablet PC which they named the iPad. It measures 9.5 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide and its thickness is barely 0.5 inch. It is mostly dominated by its screen which is 9.7 inch. This iPad created an unimaginable wave and demand for tablets. The company managed to sell 25 million of these powerful slates till June 2011, which was barely a year since its launch and the numbers have only risen ever since Mr. Steve Job’s death.

However, Apple isn’t the only producer of powerful tablets, it has Samsung Galaxy Tab as its strong competitor which is even more portable and has a 7 inch screen. Recently Samsung has come up with a better version of their Tab and that is Note. This device overcomes the flaws of a tablet PC and offers the users better operating system and offers calling facilities along with smarter looks.

Meanwhile, a company called Kno is producing a device called Kno tablets. This is Linux-based slate aims mainly at the textbook market. The vision of introducing this was inspired by bulky college textbooks that were problematic to carry. It  measure 14 inches diagonally. The company has promised a future release of a foldable double-slate format that will enable students to view two full-size pages at once.

While Asus has announced its plans to begin producing a Windows 7-based slate equipped with a 12-inch screen, Barnes and Noble Nookcolor are seeking to compete with the tablet category. The Nookcolor runs Android 2.1 but is optimized for reading and for apps that B&N chooses to offer (it lacks Google’s Android
Looking at the busy work schedule and shortage of family time in every youth’s life today, it would be foolish to say that the Tablets will not take over the traditional PC. However, having said this, the PCs will still exist in the offices and also with our older generation as they find it easier to work on the big computers.



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