The Art of Candle Creation

Whether it is to enliven a special occasion or simply to embellish the decor of your home, there is no other accessory as exotic as a candle. Candles of different shapes, sizes and kinds are available nowadays. Even so, making them at home is more fun! To create your own customised candle, all you need is:

  1. Paraffin wax
  2. Wax Melting Pot
  3. Vessel/Saucepan
  4. Stirring spoon
  5. Mould: A container of any heat resistant material, such as steel, tin etc. will serve the purpose. Ensure though that it is smooth and does not have sharp edges.
  6. Thermometer
  7. Cotton Wick
  8. A small stick/pencil

You can add: Candle scent/fragrance oil and Colour (wax soluble colours or poster colours will do)

*Things to Remember before you begin:

  • Handle Hot Wax with Care
  • Do not wash any wax stuff in the sink unless you want your drain irreversibly clogged!

Preparing the Mould
Grease the inner surface of the mould with cooking oil.
Preparing the Wax
Cut the paraffin wax (so it melts faster) and put the wax pieces into the wax melting pot. Place the pot in a saucepan or vessel filled with water and heat the water on a low flame. (DO NOT heat the wax directly. There is a chance of it burning. Heating it in boiled water in this manner is mandatory). Clip a thermometer to the side of the vessel or then check the temperature periodically. Keep stirring the wax as it melts. When it starts liquefying, you can add the colour and only A DROP OR TWO of candle scent. Don’t forget to keep stirring so that the contents blend together uniformly. Heat until the temperature reaches about 160 F. (Do not let the temperature exceed this point). If you have not added candle scent, heat only till the temperature reaches 135 F.
Making the Candle
Cut a piece of cotton wick such that it is longer than the height of the mould by an inch or so. Tie the top end of the wick to a stick or a pencil and dip it into the molten wax a few times until it somewhat hardens (so that it stands stiff in the mould while you pour the wax). Now suspend it into the mould.

Pour the molten wax into the mould. Make sure the surface doesn’t look undulating and that the wax is evenly distributed. Untie the stick and cut the extra wick off, leaving only a short end sticking out of the wax. Let the wax cool overnight. Once this is done, overturn the mould and tap it gently, to release the hardened wax.
Your candle is Ready!
You could further wrap it with ‘fancy’ paper or adorn it in any other way that appeals to you. You can now present your work of art to someone or place it in your living room, to be admired!



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