That’s What We Go To College For..

A college campus is like an exhibition of human behaviour, alive with people having unique personalities and eccentricities. Most individuals can be slotted into the following broad stereotypes. Read on to find out which category you belong to (or did at some point):

1. Geeky Freaks

You will only ever spot them in the class or in the library. They are in fierce competition with everyone including their own selves and you know they’ve been burning the midnight oil (even when the exam is months away) from the way their hand shoots up in class. They enjoy a short lived spurt of popularity a week before exams begin, when their carefully compiled stack of lecture notes start selling like hotcakes.. after which they regain their reclusive bookworm status.

2. Mad Hatters

These guys always seem to be in a state of hurry but yet are never on time. Despite being reasonably regular with their attendance, they are quite clueless about what’s going on and need constant reminders about deadlines for submissions, form-filling, fee-payment, hall ticket-collection etc. You may bump into them while they are looking for directions to their next class.

3. Omnipresent Ones

You will find them absolutely EVERYWHERE.. at cultural festivals, sporting events, social causes.. they enthusiastically participate in it all! These highly social bees are also the first ones to want to chill at the katta, leaving you awestruck at their ability to multitask. Their grades aren’t bad either.

4. Infamous Visitors

They rarely stop by the college premises. Apart from the occasion of Admissions, the only other time you may catch a glimpse of them is during exams. The fact that in spite of this, some of them manage to academically outdo a majority of the ‘sincere scholars’ is a bone of contention between the college staff and these visitors.

5. The Grapevine

They are in with the latest gossip and trivia and their job is to Spread the Word. If there was a college newspaper, it’d certainly be run by them! They also have knowledge of all the important dates, holidays etc. well before the news is officially announced, making you wonder if they hang out with the professors or are related to the Vice Chancellor in any way.

And then of course, there’s the crowd that just hangs around inside or outside the campus. They aren’t interested in anything.. be it academics or extra curriculars. And since they do nothing, they don’t get a fancy ‘stereotype label’ like the rest, nor any space..  apart from in the conclusion!



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