Ten Ways to Protect You from Radiation

We are too busy to see some basic problems that are surrounding us.  Using a cell phone continuously can damage your brain tissues. It has been known for a decade that microwaves from cell phones and tower transmitters cause damages in blood cells that leads in nuclei splintering off into micronuclei fragments that develops a precancerous condition.  Over a period of time it can turn into full blown cancers.

A six year industry study showed that human body exposure to cell phone radiation had a 300 percent increase in genetic damage in the form of micronuclei, suggesting a health threat much greater than smoking or asbestos.

In Mumbai 1500 residents of Carmicheal road, home to some of India’s richest families, have raised their voice by asking the removal of cell phone towers from their roofs. The effort was initiated by residents of Usha Kiran building, who cite three cases of brain tumour and one case of bone cancer as strong evidence of dangerous radiation from cell towers atop the adjacent building, Vijay apartment. It took two years to gather the evidence and agreeing to deny the operators who want to set up cell phone towers.

Ten ways to protect yourself from radiation:

  1. Do not live near a cell tower. Don’t buy a home near a phone tower.
  2. People living near a mobile tower 400-500 meters should get their houses get tested for radiation.
  3. Use anti radiation devices to prevent disease. When battery is low don’t use cell phone. The radiation is the highest when battery is low.
  4. Don’t talk inside the home. Open the window or talk in the balcony.
  5. While in car open the window when talking. Don’t put your phone on ears before connecting as the radiation is higher at that time.
  6. Use speaker or head phone instead of talking directly.
  7. Instead of using wireless facility like wireless internet, wireless land line or cell phone find other options.
  8. Make a collective voice to remove the cell towers from your surroundings.
  9. Use fresh rosemary as the compound found in rosemary fight against mutagenic effects of radiation. Scientists from Spain found.
  10. Some common food compounds also protect lymphocytes against radiation like caffic acid that is found in apples, citrus fruits and cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and broccoli sprouts.

There is no safe dose of radiation. Cell damage is not dependent on a level of exposure because at any time in that exposure, breaks in DNA can occur. If we won’t be able to break away from radiation addiction, Mother Nature will take control of the situation. If we adapt to radiation our nation will survive and reproduce that may not be possible. Those who cannot keep up genetically will end up like the dinosaurs.



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