Ten tips on creating an effective blog

Blogging has become a very common online trend during recent times. The year of 2010 recorded a total of around 152 million blogs on the internet. It is very simple to establish a blog and therefore the trend. Because of the humongous number of fellow bloggers, it is important for you to work something out in order to help put your blog on the forefront.

  1. Content – Since content is the highlighted aspect in a blog, ensure that the content of your blog appeals to a variety or a particular segment of the readers. There should be some continuity or consistency in the matter of the blog.
  2. Layout, design and typography – Having a layout that relates to the theme of the blog is a very good idea. It will add to the visual appeal of the blog and also has a lasting impression on the minds of the readers. An aesthetically appealing blog with interesting typography is bound to bring the reader back to the blog.
  3. Credibility – There should be some credibility for the source material used in your blog using links, references etc. The more credible your information is, the more regular will be your blog readers and the possibility that you may have a constant following.
  4. Advertising – Ensure that your blog is well advertised through social networking sites or through word of mouth. However interesting or attractive a blog may be , lack of awareness may restrict it from its way to popularity.
  5. Blog elements – Ensuring that elements like pictures, videos, widgets, audio tracks etc. are in high quality and easily accessible is the responsibility of the blogger. These elements add more life to the blog.
  6. Effective feedback – Make sure that your blog has a comment section so that the readers of the blog can share opinions and suggestions. Also pay heed to their opinions. It might actually help you take your blog to a higher level.
  7. Regularity – A blog tends to be almost useless if the blogger does not frequently update it through his posts. Frequent updates will prevent your blog from virtual spider webs and dust.



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